The Courage to Believe & Achieve

SITUATION #101A. Wife is not working. (Understanding) [IBYC] Husbands, your language may be different, however, what can you say?

I'm telling you the truth... (MUST READ)

Folks, under these times of uncertainty anything is bound to happen. Like the unexpected act when your wife may lose her job (at no fault of her own). Perhaps, you may notice a shift in her composition.

Husbands, your language may be different, however, what can you say? FOUR UNDENIABLE KEYS:

Julissa, I know you lost your job (at no fault of your own) however, it's vitally important for you to know these unconditional truths:

#1. I Love You more than anything in the world. #2. Your emotional support is greater than your financial support during these times of difficulties. #3. Your SETBACK is only a SETUP, for you to COMEBACK even STRONGER. #4. And please, look me in the eyes when I say these profound words: Honey, "this too shall pass" and the rest is "on the way"

Baby, I believe that... "Faith is the substance of things hope, the evidence of things not seen." Therefore, with your efforts and mine, again, the rest: It's on the way Julissa, It's On The Way!

I Believe You Can...!

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almost 2 years ago
Paul BakerCommunity Specialist
Community Specialist

@The Courage to Believe & Achieve I like your 4 steps; it's also important to know that as a husband & man you're going to want to provide solutions and fixes immediately to the issue. This is not what your partner wants to hear right now. What they want most of all is a partner that listens to them and makes them feel heard and understood. A lot of time when we're facing an issue and talking about it with a partner we're not asking for solutions immediately and in fact when we're initially presented with ideas (even those that are good) are going to be rejected because we want our feelings to be understood. So please, listen, ask and then when your partner feels that you understand their situation, you can start helping with advice.

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