Ashleigh Magallanez

Hello, so I have been at my current job for almost two years. It's in a grocery store, and I have learned 4 departments. I want to ask my boss for a raise but I want to ask it in the right way. How would I go about doing it? #raise #firstjob

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about 1 year ago
Lawrence WhiteCommunity Specialist
Community Specialist

Quick question @Ashleigh Magallanez , does you company conduct quarterly or yearly performance reviews? This is typically a good time to bring up raises as your strengths and areas for opportunity are commonly the main topics of discussion.

I'm not sure what you job entails but make a list of your daily tasks/responsibilities and try to pull hard data (metrics) to show how you're over-achieving in each area. Increased daily transactions by 10% and exceeded sales goals by 25% are good examples of how you can show your performance is raise worthy.

Don't leave out any areas where you volunteered to take on added responsibilities or examples of when you went above and beyond expectations. These are great ways to show your value and how your contributions have helped achieve team/company goals.

Schedule a one on one with your manager soon and keep us updated on your progress with this important goal. Good Luck!

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Ashley Wilson

Hey Ashleigh!! I have gone through this in a few jobs and gotten raises so I will share my knowledge! The first thing to do is request a one on one with your manager. The second is to gather your info. How have you helped the store grow? What did you start off doing and how has that changed over the last two years? Make sure to bring this back to the company and what you have provided. You can request a raise or let them know that you have an interest in leading a department (which would most likely guarantee a raise). You never know to you ask, so make sure to prove to them why they need you and why you have earned that raise!! Also just know that if a company TRULY values you and your contributions they should 100% provide a raise. Good luck : )

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