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Recruitment Specialist

Responsible for industry and function-focused candidate sourcing, pre- screening, interviewing and qualifying candidates. This position will utilize direct and indirect sourcing techniques to build a strong network of diverse candidates within critical skill sets and based on client demand for Manpower clients.
Duties and Responsibilities:
• Participate in the task based recruitment activities as assigned including, phone screening, email blasting, sourcing, research, posting jobs, coordination tasks
• Proactively conduct research and investigate new ideas to find passive candidates through a variety of methods including: complex internet searches, social and professional networking groups, blogs, diversity resources, competitor research and the development of existing candidate relationships
• Conduct introduction calls with candidates identified through the sourcing process
• Develop an ongoing and diverse pipeline of prospective candidates for assigned positions
• Identify and submit qualified candidates to Recruiting Team or directly to client based on the provided job description
• Work with recruiting team or independently to screen, interview, test and qualify candidates
• Communicate effectively with Recruiting Team and/or client throughout the sourcing process