Sheila Johnson
Oklahoma City, OK 73112

I am a people person, hardworking and always willing to learn. I am patient, knowledgeable and believe in the saying that you can never learn enough. I am open to change and making the position... show more

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Work experience
self Gary Richardson for Governor
Opinion Pollist

I made calls in 29 counties on a Call Hub System. I listened to their complaints, ideas and suggestions. I created and implemented a Procedurals Manual for prospective voulunteers, trained them on the Call Hub System. I was in charge of all inventory of Campaign signs for the County Coordinators. I made certain to that we had enough campaign materials on hand for each county.

Gary Richardson for Governor
Administrative Assistant

I did robocalls on a Call Fire and Call Hub phone system, listened to people's complaints, suggestions and, ideas. I did data input into our Nation Builder software, created and implemented a Procedurals Manual for prospective volunteers, managed all campaign materials for the greater OKC area and distributed brochures to all county coordinators. I worked closely with the State Volunteer Coordinator and produced reports on an excel spreadsheet the status of all voters.

Allied Health of TX

(Caregiver to husband-while very ill) I also took care of my next door neighbor as well as, she was an Alziemers patient. I administered her medications, assisted with physical therapy, prepared meals filled her prescriptions, worked closely with her dr's to monitor her as she was a flight risk.

Cimarron Health Plan/Health Care Horizons
Support Claims Clerk l & Administrative Assistant for Diabetes and Risk Management

In claims at Cimarron I tracked employees timesheets and concurred that their timesheets were correct before submittting to payroll. Created and typed a weekly newsletter for the incoming employees, did file management for the Supervisor, answered incoming calls.
At Health Care Horizons, I worked under the direction of Dr. Stephen Ryter. My duties consisted of the following:I kept track of two doctors, two case managers and forty six nurses. I was in charge of ensuring that their timesheets were collected and accurate before submittal to payroll, set-up conference rooms for weekly meetings, attended those meetings and taking meeting minutes. I also assisted in them becoming certifed which required non-stop work until completed including holidays and weekends.

Crest Foods

I scanned groceries and did customer service

The City of Albuquerque (Workforce)
Administrative Aide and Data Collection/Albuquerque Human Rights

I worked at the Albuquerque Police Department in Report Review my duties were: Time stamping of all police records, reorganization of filing system, entering data into their AS400 system.
I was transferred to Human Rights Division and my duites consisted of the following: Color-coding all VHS codes and making a chart to follow that process, assisting with the 5 year Hate Crime Survey and the Housing Discrimination Survey, In charge of the Albuquerque Childrens Annual Poster and Essay Contest. From 1994 to 1996 I stayed home as a homemaker

Oklahoma Wildlife Federation
Administrative Office Manager/OK Wildlife Federation

I typed the monthly newsletter, assisted with helping employees fill out their paperwork for hire, distributed laminated badges, payroll and updates to employees, I interviewed potential employees, did bids on vans and contacted the companies to make certain maintenance was kept up on older vans. I did mail mergers and PSA to city officials and police departments of counties to inform them of our arrival time. Did inventory of all office supplies and to save costs would buy from discounted stores.

Little Giant Pump Company

I assembled, wired and repaired Sump Pumps for commercial and residential use.

State of Oklahoma (Workforce Oklahoma)
Clerk lll

I worked for the Corporation Commission in the Well Record Division. My duites consisted of the following: I filed files by legal description, did data enty, and assisted clients at the public information window to help them locate their wells by legal description and to assist them with the microfishe equipment.
I was transferred to Underground Storage Tanks where I handled complaints from clients that wanted their underground well plugged or had environmental concerns over someone else's well next to theirs. I would dispatch the oil workers and they would have to go to the site to do the necessary repairs. I also informed callers what the Underground Storage Unit was about and mailed out brochures or just answered questions over the phone.

I take responsibility for my actions and follow through on my promises.
I am strongly driven to succeed.
I use my words and actions to help others without expecting anything in return.

Anderson High School
High School, English
Certifications & licenses
Professional Career Development Institute
Allied School of Health Medical Billing and Claims Program

It was an online program I took while I was working in the medical field

  • Microsoft Office Suite Word, excel outlook, Call Hub, Call Fire phone systems Word Doc's, microsoft edge, quick books, AS400 System, Windows ten,
Trump Make America Great Again
Opinion Pollist/Administrative Assistant

I did robo calls to 49 States. I listened to their complaints, ideas and concerns for our Nation. I worked closely with The Tulsa State Volunteer (Monica Deon) and Ben Keel; who now works in Indian Affairs for President Trump in Washington DC. I created monthly reports on the counties, states, area codes and status of voters. I also confirmed those votes in October through November before the coming election. I recruited volunteers and forwarded those names to our Tulsa State Coordinator. All robo calls were done on a Call Fire, Call Hub and Team Trump phone system