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I'm a purpose-driven technologist with an entrepreneurial mindset. I love building teams and growing people. I think we learn best from doing and that we should err towards actions opposed to... show more

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Nick is extremely effective as a manager and as Jobcase's resident product visionary. Nick has boundless team-oriented spirit while also being able to tend to his reports with an intuitive sense of...

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Nicholas Leonard is the oil that helps to keep the gears moving smoothly. He has a smart, subtle, kind and positive approach. He is quick to encourage and offer praise to his associates and fellow...

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Work experience
Associate Director of Product

Senior Product Manager
Co-founder CEO

Built a full-service fundraising platform to enable education organizations to fundraise more effectively through technology and data. FundForward has already helped organizations raise more than half a million dollars

Managed overall product strategy and execution for two distinct products: a lightweight revenue-sharing product for smaller, short-term customers and a white-labeled SAAS platform for multi-year capital campaigns

Designed consumer-friendly donation platform using user stories and web analytics to increase donation conversion rate and donation amount

Created a self-service admin portal for clients to manage campaigns, track donor data, and understand finances

Maintained a comprehensive technology roadmap, prioritizing features across diverse user needs given constrained development resources

Led all sales efforts including creating the sales strategy, owning client relationships, and building a repeatable sales process
Closed 11 deals, including 2 three-year SAAS contracts
Created and implemented an integrated inbound/outbound marketing plan including online advertising, open data analysis, and sales collateral

Managed all day-to-day operations including recruitment, training, tech support, legal, compliance, and finance

2U, Inc
Director of Content Strategy

Directed course content development with faculty from top universities to redesign courses for an online medium using
technology and rich media
Owned client relationships with over 100 university faculty from programs such as UC Berkeley, Northwestern, and
Georgetown. Content spanned a wide variety of disciplines including Business Administration, Information and
Data Science, Nursing, and Public Health
Engaged in high-stakes sales processes with university leadership and 2U executive team
Designed and implemented a project management system that aggregates data and forecasts future department
demands resulting in over $3M in annual cost savings

Pratt Whitney
Design Engineer

Designed mounting, plumbing, and electrical components for the F-135 and Advanced Engine programs to meet spatial,
thermal, fluidic, and structural requirements while optimizing for cost and weight
Built a 3-D Monte Carlo statistical tolerancing tool to power a more efficient design process resulting in a
department level "Eagle Award" the highest award for engineers
Designed novel approach to fuel oil mount. Awarded 3 US patents

I am able to adapt to new requirements, situations, or environments.
I have a strong sense of integrity and I value authenticity.
I am strongly driven to succeed.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Bachelors, Mechanical Engineering

Muncie Central High School
High School
  • Team Management
  • Leadership
  • Product Management
  • Public Speaking Skills
  • Tableau
  • Mentoring
  • Product Roadmapping
  • SQL
Nick's Mentor Network

Over the past ten years, I have helped dozens of students elementary through college think about their path and mission.

My approach is tailored to the individual from communication frequency and medium as well as approach as well as an individual approach to self-discovery and striving towards goals.

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Join LinkedIn Product leader experienced in leading teams. I'm passionate about connecting individual user stories to aggregate user data to drive better business strategy and more efficient day-to-day tactics. Senior Product Manager Jobcase, Inc.