Mary McLain
Transition Case Manager
Woodbridge, VA 22191

Excellent Communicator. Focus, Effective listening skills, creative, strong Project Leadership skills. Proven background in Healthcare Agencies, Eligibility Worker at Federal & State Level. ... show more


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Work experience
Dc Government

Money Follows the Person
Transition Case Manager

District of Columbia
Office on Aging
Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC) CS-101-12

Provides total case management for individuals with physical disabilities who have been identified to participate in the program Money Follows the Person.

Ensures the execution of person centered plans to support transitions from long term care facilities to home and community based settings.

Collaboratively works with MFP Elderly and Physical Disability (EPD) Transition Coordinator and selected EPD Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) waiver enrolled case managers throughout the process.

Attends routine and emergency service needs throughout the transition process following the MFP participant's discharge from the nursing facility.
Attends team meetings, meets with participants family members or other designated individuals to develop a plan for community placement.

Assist recipient to gain access to needed Medicaid financial services and all other needed support such as medical, financial, counseling, housing, adult day care, and personal assistance that are necessary to maintain the person in the community.

Possesses a good working knowledge of aging and physical disabilities services.
Facilitates dialogue and building relationships with organizations and agencies providing services to consumers.

Ensures all information is updated into automated system known as C Stars.
Conducts home visits into the homes of all participants to ensure this vulnerable population of individuals are safe and that their needs are being met.

Represents the agency at Summit Conferences to discuss program services with key stakeholders throughout the District of Columbia.

American Red Cross
Operations Associate
Business Analyst II

Support Information Management Systems within Disaster Operations Center
*Reviewed and analyzed automated system reports and prepare analytical summaries in support of historical data using Excel spreadsheets.
*Support the Director of Operations, Manager and five Senior Associates through daily assignments in support of the Operations Unit, and support of field personnel throughout the United States in gathering and collecting system reports as needed during disasters.
*Agency point of contact for location assigned for assignment of LAN computer; accessing and resetting passwords and level of authorities in automated systems.
*Assist personnel via troubleshooting and maneuvering throughout automated systems to retrieve data.
*Advises personnel management on historical data in support of guidance and suggest recommendations based on review of information.
*Assist administrative staff with front desk coverage and operations.
*Exert flexibility when required to be on call and perform shift work during weekends due to disaster activation alerts.
*Adhere to perform above and beyond the call of duty in support of mass feeding of over 250 personnel working 10 to 12 hour days, 24/7, 365 days of the year.
*Assist with field operations, liaison with FEMA, local Social Services, Salvation Army, local churches and other non-profit organizations in support of disaster victims.
*Work closely with Services to Armed Forces in support of troops.
*Review and process reimbursements for client assistance, handling vouchers for the Recovery Program (RP) for chapters worldwide; ensuring proper coding and guidelines are utilized in accordance with the Client Assistant Program Standard Emergency Financial Assistance policy.
*In accordance with Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief Emergency Act
*Ensures that all final reports received are correct comparing them to the client financial assistance automated system.
*Download financial summaries from DSAR's onto excel spreadsheets and advise management of findings.
*Screened incoming calls, answer routine questions and forward inquiries appropriately.
*Served as the back up for the Online Resource Book (ORB) located on the

Department of Social Services
Human Service Worker
Department of Social Services
Income Maintenance Specialist
Department of Army
Social Service Representative
DC Government - Office on Aging
Transition Case Manager
Virginia Child & Family Services
Human Service Eligibility Determination Worker
Case Manager

Certified to determine eligibility for all human resources benefits.
*Provide resources to those filing applications for social services and for those filing for redetermination to continue their benefits
*Certified eligibility for food stamp program, medical, temporary cash assistance, emergency medical and housing.
*Managed caseload and conducted case management studies for cases assigned.
*Interview new applicants advising them of their rights and of the programs available to them.
*Retrieved data to determine eligibility and pursued the applicant for additional information required.
*Assisted applicants that were deemed "hard to serve" with temporary cash assistance known as (TCA) as they were approaching their 60 month expiration for benefits.
*Identified cases with questionable information and made referrals to the Fraud Investigative unit.
*Prepare paperwork for case denials, setup appointments and prepare summary for how the decision to deny the case was derived by the agency.
*Intricate component in the Appeal process when client invoked the right to a hearing before an Administrative Judge.

Case Manager

Certified to deliver resources to those submitting applications and/or recertifying for continual benefits for Food Stamps, Medical Assistance, Childcare vouchers, Temporary Cash Assistance and Emergency medical and housing.
*Managed caseload for Family Assistance, interviewed and assessed the needs of the customers.
*Advised customers of his/her rights for programs offered.
*Interviewed applicants concerning information submitted and provided them with facts in making inquires into their applications and/or statements made during the interview process.
*Managed the caseloads with other team members using case management techniques as we conducted interviews, assessed the needs and applied policy as it related to the household composition, processed backlog cases and made referrals as needed to the Housing Authority, Mental Health, Health Department and social workers for additional needs.
*Participated in several focus groups during accreditation.
*Worked at the Outreach Center in the community providing assistance as needed.
*Worked at the community local shelter during major disasters as a Social Service Case Manager provided information to disaster victims.
*Replenish food stamps to victims' families, processed medical assistance cases and delivery of other human resources.

Loan Officer

Managed, led and directed the Army Emergency Relief (AER) Program.
*Supervised civilian and military personnel which consisted of clerical and technical workers over a six year period. Predicted and managed the annual budget for personnel, supplies, equipment, training, travel, awards, and annual program events. ,
*Responsible for soldier's welfare within a 50 mile radius that included DC National Guard, Pentagon, White House Communication, Hoffman Building and other branches of the service.
*Conducted briefings for new commanders and large groups and soldiers deploying for war. Worked with the legal department to ensure wills and power of attorney in place for those deploying, Casualty Affairs for funeral arrangements and Finance to determine pay and entitlements, processing allotments, Military Personnel for reassignments and pcs orders.
*Responsible for three battalions; ensuring they were provided accurate information and aware of Army Community Services program and available resources to get the assistance that was needed.
*Conducted the First Termers Quarterly Training for E-1 - E6 and developed financial classes in helping customers to become financially independent.
*As the AER Officer look into the personal need of soldiers and assessed the needs, took action to resolve the problems and kept the Garrison Commander award of the problems within the command.
*Managed caseload for Financial Assistance and interviewed and assessed the needs of the customers. Ensured accountability of funds disbursed annually over $400K.
*Gathered and collected financial statistical data and prepared a monthly report for the commander of situations soldiers were encountering (i.e. financial assistance, assistance for food, emergency travel, funerals/burials, funds to prevent foreclosures, evictions, repossessions, etc.)
*Negotiator with creditors for soldiers, coordinate services in using AER funds and determining the soldiers' ability to repay loans and/or providing grants.
*Conducted the annual AER Campaign and successfully raised over $100K which exceeded the goal by 10%. Trained all key persons and coordinators for the annual fund raiser, planned and coordinated the annual kick off ceremony with the responsibility to invite the Key Note Speaker.

Accomplishments and Skills

*Knowledge and work experience in Microsoft Excel and Word
*Recertification/Ongoing Worker - Certified to assist with foreign born Alien, Refugee, Asylum and illegal immigrants
*State of Maryland Virginia Certification for Eligibility Worker for: Social Services Program, i.e. Food Stamps, Welfare Avoidance Grant (WAG), Temporary Cash Assistance (TCA), Social Security Indemnity (SSI), Social Security Disability Indemnity (SSDI), Medicare Medicaid, Emergency Medical Assistance, Child Care voucher as a Application/Intake Worker
*Completed the HQ Department of the Army - Army Community Service Officers Course - 1996 and was promoted.
*Delegated authority to act as Division Chief to assume duties for all personnel and personnel matters for periods up to several weeks
*Lead the Annual Polo Fund Raiser for the General Officer Wives Volunteer Group in Washington, DC
*Appointed by the DCSPER/DPCA to conduct site visits with the MACOM awarded Monetary Cash Award
*Subject Matter Expert at the Annual Symposium as the AER Officer and recognized as the most needed program
*Certified and served as EEO Counselor Collateral Duty - December 1996 - October 1998. Awarded EEO Counselor for the Quarter
*Six year membership - Accredited Financial Counselor Association attended annual conferences worldwide

Assistant AER Officer

Appointed by the DPCA to a conduct site visit at Fort Hamilton New York to conduct a record check and close out and transfer of function for Fort Bellmore New York onto Fort Hamilton New York.
*Recognized for Excellence and received the Fort Dix Medallion presented by the Commanding General

I take responsibility for my actions and follow through on my promises.
I use my words and actions to help others without expecting anything in return.
I am able to find new and unique ways to achieve goals and bring a job or task to completion.
Central Texas University
Certificate, CEU Credits
Certifications & licenses
Disaster Operations Associate- Financial Systems Analyst
NHQ American Red Cross

Worked within National Headquarters American Red Cross in Washington DC

Disaster Operations Center (DOC) took on front desk rotational duty after normal duty hours. Responded to calls worldwide - directed callers to appropriate person when needed - and/or resolved the issue.

Kept track of Financial Reports, Assigned Disaster Relief Numbers, completed Financial Reports for all Disasters, made Corrections as needed & advised Local Chapters of the Corrections as needed.

Mass Care Coordinator for all in house Activations for over 250 Personnel.

Took on responsibilities for ad how reports, provided Leadership of historical data, trends & analysis.

Took on Emergency Financial Assistance worldwide within CONUS Local Chapters - took on calls, assess, evaluated the needs and assisted with appropriate financial assistance.

As an Operations Associate Assigned Disaster Relief Operations to manage & monitor - respond to Local Chapters keeping track of operations up to closing out Operations.

Participated in Operations Activations, Meetings to outline operation issues & completing Sitrep Reports, additional funding - deployment of personnel & eqipment as needed.

Worked collectively with FEMA, DHS & other State & Federal Relief Agencies for minor to major relief operations worldwide & oftentimes out of USA.


Certified Human Service Eligibility Worker
State of Maryland & Virginia DSS

Certified Eligibility Worker for all State & Federal Benefits.

TANF, TCA, SNAP, General Relief, MEDICAID & MEDICARE, Temporary Emergency Medical Housing Assistance, Welfare Avoidance Grants & Childcare Vouchers.

Managed a full caseload Ongoing - Recertification Annual Renewal in addition due to staff shortages took on new applications. As a Seasoned Eligibility Worker helped & assisted less experienced workers & assisted where needed by the direction of the Supervisor.

Conducted Outreach in the Community as well as in local shelters in assessing the needs & providing benefits & resources.

An active Participant in DSS Accreditation Team & Active Participant of the Task Force Interdisciplinary Team to improve process & procedures - identify the needs & proactive measures to overcome barriers for those receiving TCA.

Having prior experience over 18 years working within a Mikitary setting & Former Military Spouse- Army Emergency Relief Officer led & directed the Army Community Service Emergency Financial Assistance Program able to better serve & identify those seeking State & Federal Benefits & Resources acted as the Primary Point Person for the Agency & in doing Outreach within the Community.

Over 25 years experience- well versed & proven skills, knowledge and ability.


  • Support Planner- MEDICAID Waiver
Harford Memorial Hospital
Candy Striper
Mary Gordon-McLain

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Military Spouse experience over 15 years - stationed stateside & overseas. Experiences working closely with Individuals with diverse backgrounds culturally, sociably and economically. Flexible & able to adapt in most settings & gain cooperation, highly respected by other stakeholders for my ability - years of experience in bringing individuals together in a group & or work setting.