Lisa Rynearson
Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, Cashier, Writing, Vocals
Dallas, TX 75236

To once again support myself and three children using 35 years of education & work experience as creative, administration, sales/marketing and customer service, training in inside and retail sales,... show more


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Work experience
Romano's Macaroni Grill

Zel Nealy Dallas Chocolates, n. by Organicity Barista, Sales/marketing, Serve, Cashier
*Sapa House Dishwasher, Run/Bus, expeditor trainee, weekends 2016

Writing Voicework
Co-Writer, Copy, Editor

Proofreader: "Paradise Springs", "Playscapes", "Ray's Caf", "Blindsided"
*Writer co-writer:

*direct marketing, PR copy
*2 instructional on-line/e-book outlines
*1 business and technology white paper
*2 sales scripts
*business legal writing
*2 albums

*2 ad campaign slogans-nat'l and regional broadcast and print
*Original/commercial voice, self as agent: "Diva"/Paterno Imports, Italian, Manny Mendelsen/Comtrak, Jack Levy
*104.1 Pure Jazz Station Caller ID Tom Cucick/Jones TM /Dallas, TX
*"Counting Cows"/American Dairy Management John Tharnstrom /J.Walter Thompson
*"Testimonials" Case Magnum Tractors, Mosaic Music, Rhea Kaiser, sing-German,1st-a cappella
*"Too Hip" McDonald's Ira Antelis/Leo Burnett
*"Solo Baker"/Sweet Bisquick, Betty Crocker/General Mills/Sperry Division Steve Shaefer/Spank!
*"836-7000, Dial Transit" Bob Filler, Lakeshore/Shelly Elias Productions
*TX,IL Albums: Coulda Woulda Shoulda- Mark Watson, Parking Karma-Mr. Blotto, The Lost Band/Millenium Swing
Live Singer: Franz Benteler, Scott Garrison, Thomas Gunther, Peter Polzac, Bob Hardwick, Steve Edwards, Doug Loftstrom, Frank Rumoro, Rob Curtis, Dave Rice, Phil Barelli, Flashback Texas /Rock, Lisa Taylor Longrun Dallas, Georgia Frances, High Society, Bob Filler, Micheal Lerich, J. Gary Smith the Texas Breeze Band, Orchestra 33, Bob Stroud Rockestra

Administrative Operational Support, 2006-2011:
*Emergency Ice, run orders, fax/copy, build paper data files for faster operations, phones, inside sales
*Campaign Temp: TJ Jones, SAG AFTRA Executive, D/FW, leader and member in Chicago-local
*Mosaic Music Temp Executive and Production Assistant, Chicago, IL.

Macaroni Grill, Gold's Gym Int'l.'l, trainee, seasonal: Kona Grill, Sapa House, Jimmy John's, Au Bon Pain, Toyota, Jos A Bank, Party City
Part-time, trainee Retail, Restaurant, Customer Service, Cashier, Sales, Marketing

Training and Event Server, part-time and seasonal work: Learn products, Cashier, cash/charge, Sell/Upsell, keyholder, Face/Shelve and display, Customer Service, coffees/teas, run/bus/clean, mailings, phones, marketing, food preparation trainee, dishwashing, part-time, fill out forms, logs, reports, process and reconcile cash, check, credit and gift cards, paper filing, assist or close sales, set appointments, clean, meeting set up and service

Solera, Int'l Merchant Payment Systems, Select Flooring-trainee, AC Consult, Trinity Real Estate
Project, Campaign Inside Sales, Appointments, leads, referrals, data updates

Solera software inside web phone sales, appointments, leads, referrals, demos, account and database updates, upsell, custom marketing emails-writer, submittals
Int'l Merchant Payment Systems, RJR Insurance Select long-term and multiple site contracts, appointments, leads, referrals, files, data updates, paper and Outlook
A.C. Consult, Trinity Real Estate Services: temporary recruiting assistant
PCI the Data Company. US inside sales, data entry and national sales award

Emergency Ice
Office Administration

answer phones, take & run messages & orders, build paper and data file, training or sales appointments, leads/referrals, data updates, writing/edits, marketing ideas, mailings, copies/faxing, meeting and event preparation and service, cleaning, handle ledger entries or produce reports: cash/check/charge, process inside sales, forms/logs, paperwork, clean, errands and restock

Professional Singer, Writer

Advertisements, business and marketing copy, legal letters, albums, two book outlines, one business and technology white paper, news, news letters, Radio/TV commercial voicework, Musical Co-writer: "Paradise Springs","SOS" (Chicago Dramatists' Workshop), "Ray's Cafe", Chicago's Performing Arts High School, Free Street Theater, "Playscapes" high schools community theaters, Editing/Proofing scripts/screenplays

Café Brazil Barista, Run/Bus, Clean

Spaghetti Warehouse, Stratos, FoodWerks, Canning Hunger Trainee and Events: Cashier, Serve, food prep run/busToyota, Jos A Bank Clothiers, Kuby's, Party City seasonal trainee: sell, cashier, custom orders, design/make/fill 2009-2012
*Green Spot, Fawaz, Gold's Gym: keyhold, assist, clean/restock, cashier, face/shelve/display, phones, trash, recycling

AC Consulting

Trinity Real Estate Services via Snelling, Project inside recruiting temp-perm

PCI the Data Co

Inside sales data updates, publishing, sales award

Lead/Background Vocalist, live bands

Franz Benteler Orchestra, Scott Garrison Duo, Ken Arlen, Thomas Gunther, Stu Hirsch, Bradley Young Orchestra, Gary Young Duo, Peter Polzac Duo, Bob Hardwick, Steve Edwards, Doug Loftstrom Trio, Jack Kramer, Frank Rumoro, Rob Curtis, Dave Rice, Larry Eckerling/Momentum, Phil Barelli, Al Sophia, Dick Judson Orchestra, Bill Pollack, Flashback Texas /Rock, Lisa Taylor/Longrun Dallas, Georgia Frances Orchestra, Alan Heiman/High Society Chicago, Ralph Wilder, Bob Filler, Micheal Lerich, Bob Hardwick, Gary Smith/Texas Breeze Band Houston,Texas, Orchestra 33
*SAG/AFTRA and live original/commercial Voice Talent, marketing voice/music, regional album work 1989-2010:"Diva"/Paterno Imports, Italian Manny Mendelsen/Comtrak/Jack Levy, 104.1 Pure Jazz Jingle/Station Caller ID Tom Cucick/Jones TM /Dallas, "Counting Cows"American Dairy Mgmt.,John Tharnstrom /J.Walter Thompson "Ask an Owner", "Testimonials"/Case-Magnum Tractors, R.Rankin/Mosaic/Rhea Kaiser, "Too Hip" McDonald's Ira Antelis/Leo Burnett, "Solo Baker"/Sweet Bisquick, Betty Crocker/General Mills/Sperry Div. Steve Shaefer/Spank, "836-7000,Dial Transit"Bob Filler/Lakeshore/Shelly Elias Productions, Regional Albums Texas, Illinois

Drew Lane Orchestra, Eko Media
sales rep

administrative assist, agent for live and commercial work
*Gold's Gym Int'l front desk, customer service, forms/logs/reports, cashier, restock, retail sales, cleaning, event service, set appointments for training and sales, clean two sites, 30,000-45,000 SF., re-rack weights
Job: phones, mail, customer service, build files, copy, fax, data entry, meetings, clean, errands, event prep

I am strongly driven to succeed.
I am committed to the company's success and loyal to the people and things I believe in.
ACC, UT, UNT, El Centro, TCJC
Bachelors, B. A. Equivalent 4+yrs, college, union member, leader
La Leche League, Greenpeace Int.'l, The Jung Society, food/clothing/toy drives IL,TX- Blue Santa, Toys for Tots, Salvation Army, Goodwill, Genesis Shelter, Austin Street Center, Arms of Hope