Linda Gibson

Since 1978. I have been a RN, but I have now a disability that will not allow me to work as a nurse basically I have MS. Although no one can really see it that much I cannot stand on my feet for 12... show more


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Work experience
Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate
Former Real Estate Agent

I went through a lot of training and had some success but it's very hard unless you have a lot of money and someone told me that once and I refuse to believe it but it's true there are too many lean times in this business and too many of us first second year people leave the business because of that.

St joseph academy
School Nurse
I am exact and make sure my work is mistake-free.
I use my words and actions to help others without expecting anything in return.
I am able to effectively and respectfully communicate with superiors, colleagues, and staff.

Leukaemia and lymphoma society for children
Fund raising

Helped students do fundraising activities to raise funds for the campaign for children with Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

More information

I left the nursing career that I had done since 1978. I was a good nurse but unfortunately MS decided to make me understand that I could no longer being contact with my chosen profession. After a family tragedy we moved to South Carolina I decided I would try a different career and went to school as a realtor. Real estate is hard for a woman and coming from the north to south it makes it even more difficult if especially if you have no one you know. I could not grow a bass big enough to give me a substantial income or for that matter a good income I had the education but not the influence. I put my license in referral mode and enrolled in school for paralegal with a degree I am hoping that someone will see that and allow me to work part-time and helping others in this career eventually. I know I am 63 I cannot hide that fact nor will I I believe it brings about something that a twenty-six-year-old cannot estimate Rarity and the understanding and the reality. However I will not notice until I get out of school and find out for sure I need prayers because I'm doing this on a shoestring and living probably much lower then I would like as far as income but I am rich in God's love