Larry Ptomey
Warehouse lead

Approximately 27 years in the warehousing & Shipping receiving industry.


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Work experience
Field Supervisor

Full service residential maintenance and repair company. I am responsible for the estimates that
outline the scope of work to be completed. The total cost of materials to be used to complete said
work. Estimated amount of man hrs. to complete said task. Communication with the clients as well

Con Agra Foods
Material Handler/Forklift Operator

Fill requisition orders from the production floor. Kitchen. Packaging department. As well as wrap
finished goods from the line for outgoing loads or for building up in house inventory.

All essential material movement was tracked by RF scanner. From receiving off the trucks. Entering raw
materials into our system assigned locations and scanned out of location to the floor. Finished product
was no different.
Maintained a safe operator status for my whole term of employment. As well as third shift safety
monitor. And fire response team lead.
In 2016 Con Agra sold out and the warehouse teams were laid off. Pending the refit and restructuring
of all department functions.

S.F.I. Manufacturing
Material handler

was a steel fabrication company who mainly catered to the farming and oil industry. I was
the material handler/forklift operator for the evaporator tanks and the grading implements shop. I
was charged with keeping the 7 welders supplied with the correct parts to produce any one of the
eight types of implements they produced. I would have to also lend a hand if they needed certain
components tack welded prior to assembly.

Mederer Corp
Third Shift Lead

Maker of gummy candies for various other companies as well as the trolli brand. I started filling
pic tickets and working the wrapper machine. Unloading raw materials and entering items into our
inventory system. After two years I moved to third shift and was doing the FedEx,UPS,and USPS orders
and entering the required information into the appropriate system to print and schedule pick-Ups from
the correct parcel company. Was responsible for the weekly inventory counts as well as the monthly
Was promoted to Third Shift Lead after four years employment. Added responsibilities to my position
included making of the B.O.L. for all outgoing loads. Assigned nightly job assignments for crew
members. Double check the pic tickets for errors and verify counts, carrier's, dock location for staging
of loads for appropriate trailer number verification.
Safety inspection reports for my shift and department. Training new crew members and reporting
any and all Safety issues and or violations. As well as incedent reports (ie near misses to unchalked

I take responsibility for my actions and follow through on my promises.
I am self-assured in my skills and talents, and I'm willing to take on challenges and risks.
I am committed to the company's success and loyal to the people and things I believe in.

Midway High School
High School, General
  • RF Scanner
  • Forklift certified
  • Microsoft Office
  • Stand up forklift
  • Cherry picker forklift
  • Slip sheet forklift
  • Hubtek lift
  • B.O.L. proficient
  • Pick Pack Fulfuillment
  • UPS shipping software
  • Supervisory
  • Excellent Leadership Skills
Staffing and freelance

Larry is affiliated with the following companies:

  • Express employment professionals
  • Randstad
Habitat for humanity
Local maintenance

Help with winterization for elderly and low income.

More information

Was the warehouse Lead for 13 years. Our five man crew pulled and staged up to 12 to 16 loads for shipping the following day. As well as 6 to 10 receiving loads per night. Mederer Corp. Was an exceptional company to work for. When they closed their doors and moved back to Germany. It was a hard time moving forward.
Cascade Mountain Ski Resort has a standing contract with international employees. I had the privilege of being their Supervisor. I was there for only one season but still am in communication with them.

QLC UNLIMITED is the combination of family values and compassion. Myself and my two sons saw a need for affordable residential maintenance for the low income and elderly. So with the need came the birth of QLC..I have a smaller role as I am wanting to move into a management position within the warehouse and logistics field. I am searching for an on line college at this point in time.