Kiersten Carlton
Disabled, Unemployed, Jobseeking, Entry Level, Training, High School Graduate, Opportunity for Advancement
Williamsburg, VA 23188

Before I had the surgeries on my left, and right ankles, I had the physical means, and abilities to do any kind of physical work. Yes, I have always been challenged, however I do not let my... show more


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Work experience
Retail Sales Associate

December 2003- December 2005 Cart Pusher, basically as a cart pusher my responsibility was clearing the parking lot of the shopping carts, bringing the shopping carts into the bay of the store, which was inside, there was a general merchandise side bay, and a grocery side bay, pushing the rows of shopping carts from the back of the bay, up towards the front of the bay where the store greeter was greeting the incoming customers, and making the shopping carts available for the Walmart customers. December 2005- October 2016 Retail Sales Associate, when my job position switched from being a cart pusher, and changed to being a retail sales associate my job duties, and responsibilities were restocking the returned general merchandise, and grocery items back to the store shelves, coolers, freezers, front end of the cash registers, stocked the batteries in their proper areas, stocked the bags, and packages of candy onto the store shelves, and peg hooks, example of peg hook merchandise is packages of your juicy fruit gum would be in a single multi packaging with 8 or 10 single packets of gum hanging on a peg hook, zoning, and forwarding the bags of candy on the store shelves, and peg hooks, checking expiration dates on the bags of candy, checking, and watching for open, and damage merchandise, replaced old, and wornout fast tracks that were on the very front of all the store shelves through out general merchandise, and groceries, broke down the pallets of shipped candy that was delivered mainly by McClains Trucking, once the boxes of candy was taken off of the shipping pallets, it would be transfer from the shipping pallets to a rocket cart which would be taken to the sales floor to the candy department, and then the department 82 candy would be taken to the front end of each cash register to be stocked, stocking, and rotating the new, and old bags of candy on the store shelves, unload rocket cart of new candy, and stock it to the shelves, replace old shelve labels with new labels, give good, helpful, professional, respectful customer service to the customers, stock overstock into back bins which was in the back of the store filled in for the store greeters when they went on their fifteen minute break, or their lunch break, and at times spend the latter part of the day at the door, give 100% of my best efforts of fulfilling and completing the job duties and assignments that I was asked to complete. I was given access to using the telzon Motorola MC9090-G Mobile Computer this was the telzon that Walmart was using before they switched to the MC40s and the TC70s and before they started locking up the telzon and printers for the department managers, support managers, assistant managers, and lastly I believe the customer service managers when the cap one and two teams weren't using the telzons. It took me seven years of being a sales associate to get usage of the telzon. Once I gained access and usage of the telzon, I learned how to do different things on the telzon like scanning the upc code, what was in stock in the back bins, checked to see what was on order, was able to look on the telzon screen after scanning the store shelf label, the mechecendise/products upc code to see what hazmat color was on the label, or the upc code of the mechecendise/products container and package of mechecendise/products, you can also look at the store shelf label to see the hazmat color for the various mechecendise/products that is in the store inventory so if there is ever a spill and the associate can use the telzon on the container of the merchandise/products to find out if it is a hazmat or a non hazmat to let the maintenance associate to know when they come to clean up the spill, along with how to dispose of the spill, I learned how to look up the location for the mechecendise/products to see the location, shelf section when the mods are being reset for new mechecendise/products for the department you worked in, I personally did not set the mods, however I did help and assist my department manager in resetting the candy/seasonal candy mods

Labor Ready Staffing
Temporary Employee
Hotel Roanoke and Conference Center

As a dishwasher for Hotel Roanoke and Conference Center my responsibilities were having to work with a commercial dishwasher that was in the main kitchen for the Hotel Roanoke and Conference Center. It is the main kitchen that serves the Regency Room which is a restaurant within Hotel Roanoke and Conference Center, the kitchen also prepare food for banquets, wedding receptions, and conferences. While I was employed with Hotel Roanoke and Conference Center, there were some days when I worked I would have to sign out the keys for the dishwashing area from the hotel security office so I could have the access to the areas of the hotel to where the supplies and other accessories were kept for the commercial dishwasher in the hotel kitchen. I also had some other opportunities and chances of working in some of the other areas of the kitchen besides being a dishwasher. However those opportunities and chances did not end up working out for me. As a dishwasher there were times where a dishwasher would have work in the smaller kitchen for the Pine Room Pub which is also within the Hotel Roanoke and Conference Center. During the times or days when my boss/supervisor was not working and I would have to sign out the keys in my name, I would truly try to take a lead, along with being watchful, doing some things to supervise the other dishwashers, lender some support, advice, being helpful as a teamplayer so we could all work together as a smooth running team of dishwashers for the hotel kitchen.

Temporary Employee
Inside Tanglewood Mall
Maintenance Laborer

When I first moved to Roanoke, Virginia, I was temporarily staying at the Roanoke Rescue Mission, due to having no other place to go to, much less a place to live. While I was staying at the Roanoke Rescue Mission I was unemployed and started looking for jobs within the Roanoke Valley of Roanoke, Virginia. I eventually found a job at the Tanglewood Mall located in the City of Roanoke. It was also my very first night job that I have ever worked in my life since becoming eligible for employment opportunities. I am sorry if I don't remember the exact name of the company that was doing the mall maintenance at Tanglewood Mall. But the company did hire me for a short time period. I gave my very best effort towards this job with the consideration and expectations of having issues to adjusting to having to work the night shift. I was politely let go from this job due to the issue of trying to stay awake during the night. As a maintenance laborer for Tanglewood Mall my duties were, sweeping, cleaning, wiping down the tables and chairs in the food court area, cleaning the protection barrier on the second floor, among other duties I was asked to do.

Busch Gardens
Ground Maintenance/Sweeper

When I started working for Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, Virginia, I was living and staying in Newport News, Virginia. I truly took consideration and respect for Busch Gardens after they hired me as a ground maintenance employee in the beginning of working at Busch Gardens. I greatly enjoyed the opportunity of working the grounds of the Busch Gardens Theme Park located in the City of Williamsburg. As a ground maintenance employee I learned many things on the processes towards keeping the grounds of Busch Gardens well kept and looking beautiful for the patrons/visitors that were coming to Busch Gardens to spend the day there. Some of the duties and responsibilities I had to do and complete before Busch Gardens opened up for the day are, picking up trash out of the grass areas along Rt.60, using a firehose which I or someone else would have the wrench to loosen up the connection where the firehose would hook up to, after the firehose was connected/hooked up and ready for the water to be turned on and released into the connected firehose you would have to manage/hold the firehose and slowly and progressively walk down the sidewalk hosing off the sidewalk surface so it would be clean looking, I would also have to use a gas power blower and other types of equipment, and lastly as a ground maintenance employee for Busch Gardens I also had to check the trashcans to see if they needed emptying and have a new trash bag put back into the trashcan. After I started as a ground maintenance employee after awhile I was working two jobs for Busch Gardens. The combination jobs were being a ground maintenance employee in the morning hours, once I was finish working as a ground maintenance employee, than I would switch from doing ground maintenance work and start being a sweeper in the afternoon hours while Busch Gardens was open. After awhile of working ground maintenance in the morning and being a sweeper in the afternoon while Busch Gardens were operating there normal hours of business the supervisor for ground maintenance suggested to me to continue working for Busch Gardens but as a sweeper instead of continuing as a ground maintenance employee. After hearing, listen, and agreeing to continuing my employment with Busch Gardens as a sweeper and not longer having to work as ground maintenance was an easy transition for me, due to not having to get up as early for my job. My duties and responsibilities as a sweeper were cleaning the restrooms, walking along the walk ways sweeping up anything that was on the ground, checking the trashcans and pulling out the bags of trash that were full and replacing the trashcans with a new trash bag liner, communication skills, interaction with the patrons/visitors to the Busch Gardens Theme Park, lastly having to do storm perprations for when the area was expecting like a hurricane or tropical storm to protect the store front windows from breaking. The reason to why I couldn't continue my employment with Busch Gardens Theme Park in 1996 is due to losing my means of transportation because of mechanical issues.

Diversify Incorporated
Ground Maintenance

Season one with working for Diversify Incorporated of Virginia Beach, Virginia. Diversify Incorporated is known and affiliated of getting NIS governmental contracts to hire people to work for Diversify Incorporated to work, help, and maintain the grounds of some of the local military bases around the Tidewater area. After going through the process/time to get my clearance to be able to start working and driving on to the Dam Neck Naval Base, I had to stop by the base's security office to get base strickers for my vehicle to have the access and ability to report to my job that was located on the grounds of the Dam Neck Naval Base which is located in Virginia Beach, Virginia. During my first season of working the grounds of the Dam Neck Naval Base I learned many things as a ground maintenance employee for Diversify Incorporated. I do have clear knowledge and experience of working with ground maintenance equipment ranging from working with gas powered weed eaters, backpack blower, edger, along with experience of riding a Kubota Commercial Lawn Mower with optional four wheel drive and without four wheel drive, using a standard push lawnmower. There were times when we were work the weekend and from time to time we will travel to a different military base to help/assist with other affiliated employees of Diversify Incorporated in their ground maintenance work for that military base. The reason why I needed my background and clearance checked out for Dam Neck Naval Base is simply due to having to work inside the navy seals lock up area of the Dam Neck Naval Base and when we worked in their lock up area we would literally have to be escorted by members of the navy seals team that is stationed at the Dam Neck Naval Base. In a weekly timeframe we would have to manage and take care of different sections of Dam Neck cutting the grass, weedeating, blowing off the sidewalks, and edging along the sidewalks that were around the buildings and then have to repeat the process/operations again with the upcoming weeks doing the seasonal time period of summer operations for the base. Season Two working at the Dam Neck Naval Base, Virginia Beach, Virginia was a continuous of having the same duties and responsibilities of working season one at the Dam Neck Naval Base. I did complete working the two seasons at Dam Neck Naval Base. Note concerning working season two at Dam Neck Naval Base is Diversify Incorporated did let me go for a short time period of the season two with them due to finding out I was pregnant, however after awhile of consideration they did allow me back to working at the Dam Neck Naval Base to finish working the season for Diversify Incorporated.

Lillian Vernon
Order Filler

My time working for Lillian Vernon was very good, enjoyable, and learn able for me as a seasonal employee. During my time of employment with Lillian Vernon, I can still remember the day when the true Mrs. Lillian Vernon was visiting the disturbance plant doing one of my working days at the 2600 International Parkway location in Virginia Beach, Virginia. As a order filler my responsibilities and duties were to pull the box of mechecendise/products off of the conveyer belt, take the box of picked mechecendise/products to my work station, grab the order invoice for the order and check the prepicked mechecendise/products to see if it matched up with the mechecendise/products that were in the box that was on the order invoice, after checking the order invoice and seeing that everything matched up with the order invoice, then I would either had to put a number or something onto the order invoice put the order invoice back into the box, then after placing the order invoice into the box I would have to fill the box with peanuts, then follow after filling the box with peanuts I would tape the box close, and lastly place the closed box of mechecendise/products back onto the conveyer belt and repeat the same process for a entire shift.

Whites Nursery and Garden Center
General Laborer

My time spent with Whites Nursery and Garden Center was a very interesting and a intriguing job. Whites Nursery and Garden Center is very well known for growing beautiful chrysanthemums. Whites Nursery and Garden Center sells the beautiful chrysanthemums at their garden center, along with selling them to many businesses. The experience that I learned while working at Whites Nursery and Garden Center taught me some very valuable and interesting facts about knowing my own stamina and endurance that I needed to do the tedious work detail of pinching and rolling off the chrysanthemums buds that are on each individual plant. The requirements of the job were extended standing while doing the process of pinching and rolling off the buds on the chrysanthemums plants, I also helped out in other areas of the greenhouse.

Greenbriar Farms Wholesale Nursery
General Laborer
Greenbriar Farms Wholesale Nursery
General Laborer
Greenbriar Farms Wholesale Nursery
General Laborer
I take responsibility for my actions and follow through on my promises.
I am exact and make sure my work is mistake-free.
I am strongly driven to succeed.

Literacy for Life (inside the William and Mary Department of Education building)
Reading and Math tutoring

The Literacy for Life is a program that works with many various people that needs help with reading, math, writing, getting your GED, learning English, and many other opportunities through the Literacy for Life program. I am currently enrolled in the Literacy for Life program working on improving my reading and math skills. I have a wonderful tutor, she and I get along very well. I am completely enjoying being in the program.

Institute For Recovery and Community Integration
Certificate, Certified Peer Specialist

This training program was offered through the

Wellness Recovery Action Plan by Mary Ellen Copeland
Certificate, WRAP
Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services
Certificate, CELT Consumer Empowerment Leadership Training (basic)
Total Action Progress
Certificate, Warehouse
Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Center
Certificate, Stocking
Chesapeake Vocational school(part of Chesapeake Public School System)
Certificate, Geriatric Nursing
Great Bridge High School
High School Diploma

General Education, including years of learning disability classes from first grade through tenth grade. The last two years of High School was general education classes. Graduated high school with a high school diploma.

Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services
Certificate, CELT Consumer Empowerment Leadership Training (advance)
Certifications & licenses
Forklift Operator Licenses
Total Action Progress

The forklift license that I had certified for to run/operate a forklift was good for a five year certification to run/operate and to have usuage of a forklift. During my training/learning time to run/operate a forklift was 100% enjoyable, exciting, and was very open minded, focus, and determined to achieve this license and certification to operate/run, manage and to gain usuage and experience over the years that the license was valued for.

Virginia Driver's License
Department of Motor Vehicles Virginia

I obtained my learner's permit when I was attending Great Bridge High School in the City of Chesapeake as a teenager. I did go through and precipitated in the driver's education program that was offered at Great Bridge High School and I was successfully completed the driver's education program before I obtained my driver's license to start driving for myself. As a driver with a driver's license for Virginia I did maintain a good driving record for quite awhile. I honestly admit and is more than glad to express and share my experiences as a licenses driver for the state of Virginia. As a adult driver I did maintain a good record, granted it is not the greatest record. I did go through the process and experience of being in some motor vehicle accidents, as well as getting some tickets on my driving record. Some of the tickets were for following to closely to another vehicle and that occurred with some of the accidents that I was a part of, than I think I had a failure to yield ticket, but I am not exactly sure about that one. Overall I did not obtain or had major offenses on my driving record. The reason why I currently do not have a driver's license is, I can't afford the costs for insurance, maintenance, taxes, and etc., I can renew my driver's license, however I would basically have to start from the very beginning again which would include taking the driver's license test, doing the road test again. I can honestly admit that when I did have my driving license I loved driving around the area.


Class A CDL Learner's Permit
Department of Motor Vehicles

I had a learner's permit for the state of Virginia from the Department of Motor Vehicles. It has since explired. I was also unsuccessful in obtaining a Commercial Drivers License Class A for the state of Virginia. The reason towards having the learner's permit CDL Class A was due to me enrolling into the tractor trailer truck driving class that was held at the old general motors plant, through Tidewater Community College but the program is now in Portsmouth, Virginia. I did start the tractor trailer truck driving class with Tidewater Community College, however on recommendation of the instructor's they suggested for me to withdraw from the program. There did not think or felt like I had the means or abilities to complete the program and be successful in obtaining a Commercial Drivers License Class A. Lastly I was unsuccessful in fulfilling that opportunity and goal of becoming a tractor trailer truck driver.


Geriatric Nursing
Chesapeake Vocational School

Please note I did finish this program and the instructor gave me my pin for completing the program, however she felt like and told me personally that I was not ready for the certificate from the geriatric nursing program.

CPR Certification Class
American Red Cross

This was my second time at taking the CPR Class through the American Red Cross. I completely enjoyed the class and learning about the process of preforming CPR to save a person's life. I did complete the CPR Class and I did receive the certification to preform CPR. I had to take this as part of the geriatric nursing class I was enrolled in.

Defensive Driving Test
Chesapeake Emergency Medical Services

Doing my time with the City of Chesapeake volunteering for the Emergency Medical Services as a trainee towards becoming a certified Emergency Medical Technician for the City of Chesapeake one of the requirements of taking the states Emergency Medical Technician class for the cities emergency medical services which was ran by volunteers for the city had to take and precipitate in a defensive driving class to work towards driving and operating one of the city's ambulances. As part of the class we watched a film, listened, asked and took part in asking questions about defensive driving. Then at the end of the class we took a written test. I did complete the class, along with getting the additional points added to my driving record.


CPR Certification Class
American Red Cross

This was my very first time of taking and learning about CPR. I had to take a CPR Class as part of the training process/program towards becoming an Emergency Medical Technician for the City of Chesapeake. I truly enjoyed learning about the process of preforming CPR. I did complete the CPR Class and I did get my certification.

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Basic Math
  • Customer Service Skills
  • Communication skills
  • Professional Customer Interactions
  • Computer Skills
  • Basic Typing
  • Calculator Skills
  • Writing
  • Retail Knowledge
  • Telzon Gun/Printer Knowledge
  • Filing/Organizations Skills
  • Photocopying/Collating
  • Stocking Skills
  • Material Handling
  • Inventory Knowledge
  • UPC/BARCODE Knowledge
  • Active Learning
  • Fast Learner
  • Basic Leadership Skills
  • Folklife Licenses (expired)
  • Prolite
  • Respectable
  • Dedicated
  • Focus
  • Teamplayer/Teamwork
  • Manageability
  • Friendly/Helpful
  • Basic Hazmat Knowledge
  • Basic Cleaning Chemicals Knowledge
  • Supportive
  • Hardworking
  • Determined
  • Attention to Detail
  • Energetic Work Attitude
  • Motivated
  • Achievable
  • Critical Thinking
  • Accountability
  • Responsible
  • Caring
  • Capable
  • Mindful
  • Creative Self-Starter Skilled
  • Warehouse Knowledge
  • Trainable
  • Skillful
  • Employable
  • Likeable
  • Inspiring
  • Stockroom Knowledge
  • Building Customer Service
  • Attentive
  • Confidence
  • Differentiated Learning Needs
  • Multi-tasker
  • Order Filler Knowledge
  • Package Scanning Knowledge
  • Unloading/Loading Knowledge
  • Committed
Williamsburg Community Chapel
Welcome Team

I started volunteering at the Williamsburg Community Chapel Welcome Center on August 11th, 2019. Basically what I do at the Welcome Center is greet, and welcome people that have attended the Williamsburg Community Chapel church service, and that would be interested in attending, and becoming a future church member to the Williamsburg Community Chapel. I do the welcome center on the second, and last Sunday of each month.

Williamsburg Church of Christ
Writing Cards of Encouragement
Shibui Ni Farm
Liberty Arabians, Ltd.
Virginia Wells Stage Company
Assisted in on the sets for the plays and music

During my time at the Virginia Wells Stage Company was truly enjoyable, fun, learnable, and educational. I worked with people that I believe were employees for the Virginia Wells Stage Company in Norfolk, Virginia. Some of the duties or assistants that I did, help with, and provided were painting, assist with holding a tape measure,

Chesapeake Emergency Medical Services
Trainee towards becoming a Emergency Medical Technician

When I lived in Chesapeake, Virginia (Great Bridge area of Chesapeake), I had decided to start volunteering for the City of Chesapeake to attempt to become a certified Emergency Medical Technician for the City of Chesapeake.

Great Bridge High School
Helped out in the Guidance Office
City of Chesapeake City Library
Putting the Returned Library Books back on to the book shelves
More information

I may have my challenges, and disabilities, but I am a very hardworking person that loves working. I am always willing to go the extra mile to complete and fulfill any and all duties that comes with any job that I may have in my life. Granted I am not the fastest person to complete a job, but I do get the job done to the very best of my abilities. Some of my other traits are, flexible, honest, self leading, self directed, encouraging, professional oriented. These are some of my additional skills, basic knowledge skills of usage of a firehose, ground maintenance equipment usuage skills.