Kiersten Carlton
Disabled, Unemployed
Williamsburg, VA 23188

Before I had the surgeries on my left, and right ankles, I had the physical means, and abilities to do any kind of physical work. Yes, I have always been challenged, however I do not let my... show more


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Work experience
Retail Sales Associate

December 2003- December 2005 Cart Pusher, basically as a cart pusher my responsibility was clearing the parking lot of the shopping carts, bringing the shopping carts into the bay of the store, which was inside, there was a general merchandise side bay, and a grocery side bay, pushing the rows of shopping carts from the back of the bay, up towards the front of the bay where the store greeter was greeting the incoming customers, and making the shopping carts available for the Walmart customers. December 2005- October 2016 Retail Sales Associate, when my job position switched from being a cart pusher, and changed to being a retail sales associate my job duties, and responsibilities were restocking the returned general merchandise, and grocery items back to the store shelves, coolers, freezers, front end of the cash registers, stocked the batteries in their proper areas, stocked the bags, and packages of candy onto the store shelves, and peg hooks, example of peg hook merchandise is packages of your juicy fruit gum would be in a single multi packaging with 8 or 10 single packets of gum hanging on a peg hook, zoning, and forwarding the bags of candy on the store shelves, and peg hooks, checking expiration dates on the bags of candy, checking, and watching for open, and damage merchandise, replaced old, and worn fast tracks that were on the very front of all the store shelves through out general merchandise, and groceries, broke down the pallets of shipped candy that was delivered mainly by McClains Trucking, once the boxes of candy was taken off of the shipping pallets, it would be transfer from the shipping pallets to a rocket cart which would be taken to the sales floor to the candy department, and then the department 82 candy would be taken to the front end of each cash register to be stocked, stocking, and rotating the new, and old bags of candy on the store shelves, unload rocket cart of new candy, and stock it to the shelves, replace old shelve labels with new labels, give good, helpful, professional, respectful customer service to the customers, stock overstock into back bins which was in the back of the store filled in for the store greeters when they went on their fifteen minute break, or their lunch break, and at times spend the latter part of the day at the door, give 100%

I take responsibility for my actions and follow through on my promises.
I am exact and make sure my work is mistake-free.
I am strongly driven to succeed.
Great Bridge High School
High School Diploma

General Education, including years of learning disability classes from first grade through tenth grade. The last two years of High School was general education classes. Graduated high school with a high school diploma.

Williamsburg Community Chapel
Welcome Team

I started volunteering at the Williamsburg Community Chapel Welcome Center on August 11th, 2019. Basically what I do at the Welcome Center is greet, and welcome people that have attended the Williamsburg Community Chapel church service, and that would be interested in attending, and becoming a future church member to the Williamsburg Community Chapel. I do the welcome center on the second, and last Sunday of each month.