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Iv always had employment in areas where they were out of regulations, not up to code. I was thrown into situations where the agency could be closed. My part was not to let that happen. In companies... show more

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Work experience
UBER, Partners
Independent Contractor

Entrusted to pick up food items for catering or fast food as well as fine dining foods. To deliver food in a timely manner and looking for specific places or and directions to where it was to be delivered. Would make multiple deliveries or back to back. At times Restaurants do not include what was placed so ensuring what I am picking up was important and when it gets to the customer it looks the same as if you ate in that restaurant.

Program Director

Provided oversight as Program Director for Intermediate Care Facility serving geriatric patients, mid and young adults and Residential for children in Behavioral Crisis ages 7 to 11, as well as oversee as the Program Director for Community Residential Services. Hired to supervise and oversee Operations, Management and Leadership in CRS homes in the community. Responsible for Program Administration, Budget Development and implementation, Personnel Management, Program Development, updating Policy and Procedures. Instructor for workshops and ongoing trainings held weekly, taught on all levels of management. Worked with the Medical Director and Quality Improvement Departments on going and acted as Behavioral Health Specialist writing Behavior Plans with emphasis on desensitization. Assisted the Human Resource department in an array of projects. Was certified with the state of PA as a Certified Investigator. Regulations: 5000, 5100, 5300, 6400 and Intermediate Care Facilities

Served as the contact person for licensing surveyors for the state of PA and DPW 6400 regulations
Maintained efficient operations within budget guidelines to control costs
Approved purchases for programs including Capital items in order to meet regulations and safety measures
Developed and implemented plan of corrections for licensing deficiencies and in response to internal audits
Promoted the dignity of persons served including community, family members and outside agencies such as Nursing Homes, Sub Acute Care Facilities, Hospice and Funeral homes.
Maintained open communications with Executive Level Management including Deputy Director, CEO, CFO
*And President.

Behavioral Health Director

Provided direction to a nonprofit organization that lead the way to providing community assistance to populations in need to live self-fulfilled lives. Populations served include; Drug Alcohol addictions, Mental Illness, Anger Management Issues, Psychiatric Concerns and Violation of Probation. Responsible for Personnel Management, Administration of three programs with special attention paid to Case Management compliance, welfare of staff and clients regarding proper trainings. Contract adherence, up to code regarding the environment, providing a structured program while keeping the safety of clients, staff and management abreast of all new organizational rules.

*Completed administrative incident reports to the County within required time frames
Served as the contact person with the Vice President for licensed and non-licensed homes
Instructor for certifying staff and management with Illness Management recovery concepts

Northwestern Human Services
Operations Manager

Hired as House Manager by behavioral health services provider for over 50,000 people to supervise a cluster of community living homes under 6400 regulations. In addition, managed complete operations of 19 homes. Ensure adequacy of services and accuracy of financial and medical records. Managed operations department and enforced organizational rules. Made sure all homes environmentally were inspected with internal and external sources prior to county inspections. Complied with regulations that all staff and management had 24 hours of mandated trainings. Completed incident reports as they pertained to the homes. Acted as Regional Director when necessary.

Train House Managers to manage and implement changes in assigned homes with focus on collaborating and communicating as teams and integrating observation of 6,400 regulations into daily practices
Maintain order and integrity by setting clear standards, promoting fair decisions, understanding difference between vision and goals, planning for organization's future and utilizing good judgment
Conducted internal monthly audits of environment, client funds and clinical areas as well as writing a plan of correction when necessary

Penndel Mental Health Center
Supports Coordinator

Challenged to develop, implement and monitor proper daily execution of individual support plans (ISPs) for 42 consumers from age three and up by reputable 350-employee health center. Conducted assessments to determine specific client needs through interaction with individuals, their families and support teams. Counseled and assisted families in obtaining financial, medical and support resources.

Managed delivery of services and supports for immense caseload while resolving constant emergencies
Led development, implementation and revision of individual support plans tailored for each client that attained goal of preparing for transition from individual center facilities to community living arrangements
Collaborated with agencies and the County to assist with consolidated waiver and PFDS waiver where health and safety were areas of grave concern

Mental Health Association
Outreach Case Manager

Provided essential guidance, assistance and emotional support to diverse people seeking help for difficult problems such as drug and alcohol addiction, abusive relationships, mental illness and homelessness. Conducted intake assessments, developed personalized action plans, provided referrals for necessary resources and set attainable goals leading toward self-sufficiency. Served on the Donation Warehouse Committee

Facilitated counseling and group sessions and provided comfort to those in need by actively listening
Credited with lowering organization's cost of providing services by connecting people with rehabilitation, housing and financial aid programs that enabled many to achieve self-sufficiency

Residential Skills Trainer II

Supervised daily activities of staff providing all hours care for mentally challenged residents in community living facility. Prepared, implemented and documented individualized progress plans in accordance with stringent regulations. Administered medications, maintained records, enforced all policies and protocols of 6,400 regulations.
Instilled culture of teamwork and open communication that ensured smooth operation of residential facility
Generated service demand by advocating individual rights and promoting independence among residents
Encouraged ongoing staff development by taking responsibility for ensuring staff completed required certifications and in-service training within designated time frames

Delivery Driver
I take responsibility for my actions and follow through on my promises.
I am exact and make sure my work is mistake-free.
I can be counted on to complete whatever task, objective, or job is needed.

Chestnut Hill College
Masters, Administration of Human Services

Chestnut Hill College
Bachelors, Human Services
Community College of Philadelphia
Associates, Justice and certificate in Justice

All 27 disaplines of Human services.

Chestnut Hill College

All 27 disaplines of Human zservices.

Associates, Justice

Justice. Investigations, forensics a little, organized crime, worked with police and learning. A student was accepted to become a police officer but changed my mind. Intro into the justice system regarding judges, lawyers. Graduated with honors working 2 jobs.

Community College of Philadelphia
Associates, Justice

Justice. Investigations, forensics a little, organized crime, worked with police and learning. A student was accepted to become a police officer but changed my mind. Intro into the justice system regarding judges, lawyers. Graduated with honors working 2 jobs.

Certifications & licenses
Nhs. And elwyn

Mortality review known as death investigations and neglect and or abuse investigations. In human services people pass from a natural death to falling out of bed or being abused. It was my job to create a document that satisfied the state of PA. This involved nurses notes. Times. Dates. Initals. Questioning staff and management and seeing for yourself were their abusers correct. This may sound easy but the details complete a picture of what took place. Based on my reccomendations either other polies were implemented, or people were terminated. Some cases involved liability laws. Working with police departments and the coroner to gain critical information was essential. Being in this role you needed to be smart. Have an understanding of why people do what they do. I created a level of trust with others but at the same time a comfort level where many people would not lie. Tell me what happened and i let my director make the final decisions. Death investigations as sad as they are one must complete and move forward with the living.


  • Effective communications
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Kronos software
  • Citrix software
  • Internet
  • Word
  • Exceptional People Skills
  • Detail oriented
  • Illness management and recovery concepts
  • Bloodborne pathogens
  • Excellent Leadership Skills
  • Shadowing skills
  • Delegating skills
  • Budgeting
Human services
To add help, on outings, ahopping, eating out and vacations

Human services is demanding. So i helped out with an array of dances, setting up events, balloons, being available where my boss ex senator was holding golf tornements. Fundraising events. Autism awareness, domenstic violence awareness.

More information

I did not do online college. I did accelerated degrees working 2 fulltime jobs. I ended my gps on a 3.9. I was admitted to the deans list 3x. I sat my finale exan after buring my mother 2 hours earlier and received a grade of A-. i dont know how. In college you self teach yourself. Had i known i would do so well i would have applied to more advanced colleges or universities. I loved college love to teach. I enjoy learning and being part of a team or working alone. I am 100% in my employers corner on and off work hours. I hope i can get to enjoy another company again.