Christopher Scranton
Director of Nonprofit & Government Partnerships
Cambridge, MA 02139

Christopher Scranton is the Director of Nonprofit & Government Partnerships at Jobcase. He leads Jobcase Cares, the company’s initiative to provide big data technology to support collaborations... show more

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I'm constantly learning from Chris - phenomenal conversationalist and full of interesting insights (and metaphors)

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I want to thank you guys for the awesome holiday basket. You guys at Jobcase are a class act.

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Really enjoyed your presentation! Quite personable and informative

is a fellow Jobcaser with Christopher

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Work experience
Director of Corporate Development

Massachusetts Technology Collaborative
Senior Manager for Big Data & Technology Initiatives
Massachusetts Technology Collaborative
Manager, Project Fund & Grantmaking
Massachusetts Technology Collaborative
Operations Manager
I am cheerful, kind, polite, and interested in what others have to say.
Tufts University
Bachelors, International Relations

Minor- Multimedia Design

Tufts University, Urban & Environmental Policy
Masters, Public Policy
The Bubs Foundation

The Bubs Foundation ( ) is a non-profit charitable grantmaking organization that supports music education in underserved Boston Public Schools. Established in response to the elimination of music programs in many BPS in the early 1990s, the "BubsF" seeks to provide "bridge" support to prevent music education from being completely eliminated from the lives of students. The BubsF awards low-dollar grants and also runs its own "Be The Music" low-cost a cappella music instruction program in select schools. The BubsF seeks to maintain the access of students to opportunities for rich musical experiences and "fun through song" while efforts continue to restore fully-funded music education programs throughout the BPS. The BubsF is guided and supported by members and alumni of the Tufts University Beelzebubs .