Brian McBride
MEEKER, OK 74855

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Work experience
Nucor Steel Corporation
Birmingham Mill

An electric arc furnace melting and continuous casting operation designed to fabricate structural support steel.

Scope of duties: Melt shop and Caster Electrician / Process Engineer. Trouble shoot and repair all types of mill equipment such as P.L. C. controlled equipment, AC And DC cranes, Radio controlled cranes and support equipment. Variable speed drives, servo hydraulics and high voltage furnace controls. To design modifications to excising equipment were problems with safety, reliability or performance are in question. Evaluate new equipment for installation and train production personnel on its proper operation. Oversee repair and upgrade projects during scheduled down time cycles. Supervise contractors while on site to insure their safety and quality of work. This is a stand alone position were leadership skills and personal accountability are necessary to perform the daily operations. This is a fast paced, high pressure operation where safety and accountability are top priority.

Decatur Al. Mill An electric arc furnace melting and continuous casting operation to fabricate plate steel and rolling mill for a hot band operation.

Scope of duties: Caster electrician / Process engineer. Troubleshoot and repair automated systems and equipment in the casting process. To come up with new designs for improving the process to increase production. Troubleshoot and repair large radio controlled overhead cranes, pumps, drives, servo valves and servo hydraulics. Order parts for ongoing repairs. Perform preventive maintenance on equipment, perform crane inspections and write inspection procedures for new equipment. Do cost analysis on purposed projects. Review bids from venders. Supervise ongoing work by outside contractors. Write new code in the process control or to correct problems in the system. This position was very high pressure, fast paced, on the fly trouble shooting. A great place to challenge yourself.

Energy Systems South East

A provider of stand alone prime power and standby power systems. Dealing with the US government as well as commercial industry in the telecommunications and medical fields.

Scope of duties: Engineering field service supervisor. I was responsible for the daily operations of the Engineering and field service departments. Covering the southeastern United States. Providing engineering support for customers wishing to spec a power system to meet their individual requirements. Review costumer requests, create bids and be involved at bid openings. To provide support during construction. Oversee installations as well as do project supervision over contractors and outside engineering firms. Conduct start up and certification of new systems coming on line. Provide formal training and certification of field service technicians as their instructor. Maintain my own certifications by attending the required schools. Provide formal training and certification to the sales staff as their instructor. Be accountable for my field staff, make all necessary advancement and disciplinary decisions as well as conduct interviews with new applicants. Make calls on customers to bid on service contracts, capital work projects and to provide training to the end users work force on how to properly maintain their own equipment. Conduct negotiations between my company and the manufacturer for dealership territories and further growth.

North Alabama Electric

An Electrical Contractor dealing with the Us Government and the Army Core of Engineers, as well as the heavy industrial marketplace.

Scope of duties: Foreman / Project Manager I was responsible for the on-site operations of many large demolition and construction projects. From the relocation of large equipment systems, to the total demolition and reconstruction of others. Work on customers bid packages to form up our company's price for bid. Deal closely with the Army Core of Engineers to satisfy their very strict guide lines. Take bids from sub contractors and supervise their work to ensure it met specifications. I would at times be required to supervise more than one ongoing or overlapping project at a time. This would require delegation of duties to others on my part. In turn training that employee for advancement. I would interview, hire and train large numbers of employees for projects. Conduct all advancement and disciplinary actions. I was a stand alone supervisor on out of town projects with little or no daily supervision by my superior.

Caterpillar Inc
Field Service Technician

A manufacturer of heavy equipment and power generation systems.

Scope of duties:Electrical Power Generation To trouble shoot and repair power generation equipment in the field. Assist customers with scheduled maintenance and training. Start up and commissioning of new power systems. Conduct load testing and certification on government projects. Make calls on prospective customers to create new accounts. Provide additional manpower on the heavy equipment when another field man needs assistance. This was a stand alone, in the field position with only a small daily supervisory presence from my superior.

To the prospective employer

Field Service Engineer
SPOC Automation. 4
Field service engineer

Trouble shooting and repair of oil field VFD systems and automation. Positive displacement pumps, rod pumps and pump off controls. Vacuum recovery systems, compressors and transfer pumps. Tank battery automation and control. P.I.D. controls. P.L.C. controls and drives in excess of 750hp. My responsibilities included repairs, warranty, and commissioning of all types of systems and applications. Requiring an extensive knowledge of these systems to successfully commission and train onsite personnel. I was also required to assist sales personnel in demonstrations of different product lines and applications. I traveled extensively to train and assist customers. I would attend trade shows as well as conducted class room and onsite training for field personnel. I worked independently as well as in groups to preform my duties.

Caterpillar 9 years

Field service Electrical power generation, working out of Odessa TX. , Norfolk Va. And overseas, Trouble shooting and repair of standby and emergency Gen-sets. Transfer switches and switch gear.
Start ups, load bank testing, control and design of custom systems. Engine repairs as well as switch gear repair and transfer switch repair.

Engine Systems Inc

contract 2 years

Engine systems Inc. is a division of Kirby Industries an OEM service provider for Electromotive Diesel. Dedicated Mainly to the Nuclear Power Industry. Dealing in the service and repair of large stationary generator sets in the 3.5 to 5 Mega Watt Range for nuclear safety related service.

Scope of duties
I am responsible for the fabrication of Custom one off power generation packages with Gas turbine or Diesel prime movers in the 4 to 5 Mega Watt power range Generating Med. to High voltages. I am responsible for the set up and fabrication of test fixtures as well as conducting full load test runs on the equipment after it has been built. I also travel to the customer's sight for regular maintenance cycles' and for field service calls.

Bertolini Inc. Lawrenceburg Tenn. Plant construction and start up contract 2 years

Bertolini Inc. is a light manufacturing facility in Lawrenceburg TN. that fabricates seating solutions for the church and hospitality market.

Scope of duties
I was responsible for the construction and set up of the manufacturing floor setting machines and running all main power and ventilation. As well as the wash system and High voltage powder coat line. I also set up an overhead conveyor system and cure oven system. I also set up the maintenance department. I took care of all trouble shooting repair and maintenance of all plant equipment and facility power distribution. Commissioned PLC controls relay logic CNC hydraulic benders and Punch Presses. I also designed dies for new machines and fabricated these machines for the production team. I also sat on the safety committee as well as ordered parts, coordinated contract work and trained employees in safety, machine operation and set up.

I take responsibility for my actions and follow through on my promises.
I can be counted on to complete whatever task, objective, or job is needed.
I am cheerful, kind, polite, and interested in what others have to say.

Fuel System School

Danville Area Community College
US Navy Schools
Certifications & licenses
Eton VFD commissioning certification
Eton cooperation

Certified to commission start up and . activate Warranty on Eton VFD products certification
# DC02-021319-BG01

EPG Paralleling switch gear and Generator control

Certified to work on switch gear govener controls and Paralleling switchgear

Electrical power generation

Certification to work on EPG related equipment

Steam turbine operator
US Navy

Certified to operate steam turbine power generation systems

  • Arc Welding Equipment
  • Uninterruptible Power Systems
  • Power generation
  • Programmable Logic Controllers
  • Switch Gear
  • Troubleshooting Skills
  • CNC machine repair
  • Certified jurnyman Ekectrian
Kickapoo fire department
Fire fighter, diver

Volunteer fire fighter and retrieval diver , water rescue diver