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I am a recent graduate from Virginia College wirh a Bachelors degree in Human Service Management. I am looking for an entry level position to gain more experience. I am a hard worker and pick up on... show more

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Work experience
Donut Filler
Medical Office Assistant

This place of service is where I have done my intern for Dr. Christopher Clautti. The doctor has gave me various duties which include; answering phones, filing, auditing, preparing rooms, entering in patient information, checking patients insurance to see benefits, scheduling, faxing, copying, greeting patients, laundry, cleaning, and I have also learned to read the doctor's hand writing, to make sure what is being marked off is being entered into the computer correctly in case of an audit.

Medical Office Assistant

Dr. Clautti Chiropractic (Internship 120 hours)
* Under the direct supervision of Dr. Clautti, provided patient services and assist
medical personnel preparing rooms
* Provided prompt, friendly customer service while completing office tasks
* Greeted patients daily while entering personal information during check in
* Developed effective filing system to maintain patients confidentiality assurance
* Maintained quality data and accurate registration, using proper insurance information
prior to physicians billing
* Completed insurance verification via phone and computer system
* Worked with staff to identify and solve problems, while implementing a process to
improve and ensure timeliness of data collection
* Performed other offices duties as assigned
* Mays Donuts, Newcastle, PA Donut Filler February 2010 December 2014
* Ensured the customers experience within the store is pleasurable
* Worked closely with team members assisting with effective product sales
* Increased sales by creating visually appealing and delicious products
* Assisted guests with finding items from the service case
* Answered the telephone and assisted guests using proper phone etiquette
* Contributed to the overall cleanliness of the store by picking up, organizing, and
cleaning work areas, shelving, and sales floor as needed

May's Donut's

At this job I would fill donuts with icing and top them with goodies. My boss would make roughly between eighty two dozen and a hundred and fifty donuts a night. My job was to fill and ice donuts, make up orders, take inventory count, fill out paper work, and wait on customers. I also cleaned the store after I was finished finishing the donuts.

Dunkin Donuts
Shift Manager

Oversaw complete back of house operations of a store
* Trained all employees in franchise policies and procedures
* Handled responsibilities of other staff positions as needed
* Regularly reviewed recipes and production techniques
* Supervised cutters, fryers, and finishers
* Trained employees on equipment use and oversee
* Mixed yeast-raised dough
* Formed dough on sheet cutter
* Cut shapes and hand-made products and placed on frying screens
* Performed other duties as assigned

Dunkin Donut's
Night Shift Manager

At this job I was multi tasked. I had a list every night of things that needed to be done which included; waiting on customers, cleaning, stocking, paper work, handling customer complaints, correcting dates, making gift baskets, serving ice cream, making sandwiches, taking orders on headsets, and cashing the cash register's out at night and shutting the business down.


I did a variety of jobs at this store. I started out as a cashier, and then moved to layaway, then to customer service. My job duties included; waiting on customers, ringing out customers, making layaway orders, finding layaway orders, then I moved to customer service where I learned how to deal with customers that were not friendly, or they were mad about items bought that were defective. They put me in this position, because I am very laid back, and very customer focused.

I use my words and actions to help others without expecting anything in return.
I am committed to the company's success and loyal to the people and things I believe in.
I can be counted on to complete whatever task, objective, or job is needed.

Virginia College
Bachelors, Health Services Management

Virginia College Online
Associates, Medical Office Administration
Cranberry Jr. /Sr. High School
High School
Certifications & licenses
Oil City Vo-Tech
Host parties for children

I host parties for the children in a local projects area where I reside for Halloween. My boyfriend and I get parents and other members of our community involved ; housing Authority and police department. Our kids are precious and deserve a fun day!

More information

Past 4 years my boyfriend and I have held a Halloween Party for the children where we reside kids leave full and happy