A new start for felons

A new start for felons

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this is a group for anyone who has made some bad choices in the past and is looking for a new way of life, to seek out employment, to seek advice in anyway to make better choices, to talk with others who might be able to direct them towards employment . we all make mistakes and nobody is perfect. we just need a chance.

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Looking for Paralegal/Legal Assistant work in Colorado Springs, Colorado

I was a Paralegal/Legal Assistant in the Denver metro area for 15 years prior to being incarcerated for a law enforcement-initiated Internet sting operation. I was released from prison on 8/1/2018 without any further supervision, but have been unable to obtain employment, because I was in prison for 19 1/2 years (I'm 63 years old).
Any suggestions about finding work? I relocated to Colorado Springs, since law enforcement told me to never return…

Just saw your post, and am in a very similar situation here in Connecticut. I hope your doing well now. I'm here to talk if you…

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Back in 2011 I was (wrongfully) convicted of Attempted Forgery. Even though I didn't do anything, my lawyer said it was a better idea to take the plea of 2 years probation and no jail time rather than take it to a jury (which, had I done that I probably would have lost and ended up in prison). I agreed, did my two years probation and was done.

I havent really had an issue finding work here in AZ. I was hired at a hospital doing Registration and…

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Hey Brittany Rumery - I am so sorry to hear that things have been a struggle for you lately.

You're definitely not alone, as…

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Like to get a descent job with several felonies

I have been filling out applications for 2 weeks I own my own business but I need a job to earn extra money and become self-sufficient unfortunately I have a jail record a mile long I've not been incarcerated for over two years

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I'm interested in hearing the Steps

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New to the group

Hello I am 29 years of age in the central new york area (Syracuse) I have a non violent burglary on my record from 2015, I am 3 years clean and sober from all mind altering substances! Having trouble finding a desk job! I don't want to work construction or any manual labor really, Standing All day gets to my back, however I would consider demolition if that's the only option in that field. A driving job would also be ideal! I do have a associates…

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Hi VintageVay 315 welcome!! We are so glad to have you. I am so sorry to hear that things have been a bit difficult for you as of…

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Anyone from Connecticut,Hartford area,with any job leads for felons

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Also in CT Tiffany... I hear you and support you! Keep your head up... I have some suggestions if your still looking. Give me a…

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Recently married and now living in Fayetteville NC. Need employment after recent felony. Need help desperately.

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I started washing dishes, and now im the head baker... it just takes one person to give you a chance.... keep your head up

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Try this jail to job book link http://seriousreading.com/author-interviews/3009-interview-with-eric-mayo-author-of-from-jail-to-a-job.html

Jobs for Felons
: Incredible List of Companies That Hire Ex-offenders and Felons

Arthur J. Gallagher & Co

AAMCO Transmissions

Abbott Laboratories

Ace Hardware

Adams Trucking

Alamo Rent a Car

Alaska Airlines


Allied Van Lines

Allstate Insurance

America West Air

American Airlines

American Express

American Greetings

Andersen Windows

Anderson Trucking Services, Inc.

Apple Inc


Aramark Food Services


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A lot of companies on this list do not hire felons. I was denied at Home Depot, Walmart and Dennys after applying due to this…

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A sample of my graffiti

Graffiti is one of my favorite pastimes and something that I love to do. Do you want to catch peoples eyes as they pass your business? Contact me and I'll tag your building.

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you have a REAL gift!

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In need of work

Ive recently relocated from NY where Ive worked for 14 years straight in the medical field with no gaps. GA job search sucks and they do not hire ex felons. If I knew that I would have never moved here. I have no resources here and Im screwed.

Hi tammy carter , are you looking to get back into the healthcare field in NYC? You should connect with the local career resource…

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Nelson Franco Thanks so much for the information but I currently reside in Georgia

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Need a tattoo designed?

Tattoo design is my specialty. View my full portfolio at www.facebook.com/edhylandstylistic


That's some pretty awesome work right there!

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