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Your Resume Must-Haves

20 years ago, job competition was not like it is today. Job board sites have made applying for jobs incredibly easy, which means more people apply for each job. In fact, it is not unusual for job postings to get hundreds or thousands of applications. The result? Your competition is much higher.

Now more than ever, it is crucial to have a resume that sets you ahead of the pack. So, how do you create a resume better than all the rest? Start with…

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Thank you for sharing this list with us Steven Ransom - in the modern era of job searching, I would say that this list is a…

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I just wanted to share this with Jobcase job seekers

I received this in my email (04/18/2019) and just want to share it with you.

Employers are using ROBOTS, so should You!

Hi there,

*Applicant tracking systems *(ATS) are widely used by mid and large-sized companies but how they work is a mystery to most job seekers. The problem is it's challenging to get your resume past ATS and land that interview without understanding how they work.

The most important feature you should understand is the…

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Yes the ATS is alive and well and especially prevalent with larger companies! It helps employers weed out the applications to make…

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The most important feature you should understand is the keyword search

Applicant Tracking Systems allows recruiters and hiring managers to search the pool of resumes based on keywords, rather than reading each resume. The keywords they search are likely keywords included in the job posting. So, in order to give yourself the best shot of getting noticed, you must tailor your resume to the job posting for which you're applying.

I highly recommend reading 8 Things You Need to Know about Applicant Tracking Systems to…

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Thanks for sharing this Steven Ransom !

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Seven (7) Tips To Overcoming Ageism In Your Job Search

Thrive Global
It is no secret: companies who cultivate a greater balance in the diversity of their people and ideas evolve at a much more productive pace and benefit ...

This is a fantastic article Steven Ransom ! Very good info, thanks for sharing!

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Optimize Your Resume and Boost Interview Chances

Get Hired Faster with Jobscan to optimize your resume! Try Jobscan to give yourself a job search boost. Applicant Tracking Systems are keeping you from your dream job!

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Tutorial: HOW TO BEAT ATS WITH JOBSCAN (sample videos)

CAREER COACH TUTORIAL Jobscan's guide to everything you need to know about using your Jobscan Coach account.

Get started optimizing your resume to beat applicant tracking systems! HOW TO BEAT ATS WITH JOBSCAN

If Hiring Managers are using ROBOT so should YOU!

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Thanks for sharing Steven Ransom !

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How to address employment gaps in your resume

Ultimately, honesty is the best policy.

Throughout your career, you may experience brief or extended gaps of unemployment between positions. Hiring managers understand that this gap might be due to a variety of reasons–such as illness, family situations, travel, or the inability to find a new job. But there are times when they’ll see them as red flags and a sign that applicants don’t have the proper work experience or ability to be consistent in…


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After College How To Land Your First Job

College seniors and recent graduates often find it very challenging to land their first job after college. However, it shouldn’t be a difficult thing to land your first job after college if you know how to go about it.

Hiring Strategies: Taco Bell's Wacky Are Actually Working

Taco Bell plans to launch a week’s worth of hiring parties in nearly 600 restaurants from April 22 to 27, showing that franchisees are starting to throw their weight behind this idea, too. The opportunity to throw a party was open to any franchisee who wanted to participate, Erland explained, as long as they hosted the party in the set week-long timeframe to achieve maximum marketing impact. Read more... Join the Party! Nacho Average Job Fair

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That's great news! Thanks for sharing!

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Turn Your Knowledge and Experience into Big Buck

Whether you're a computer whiz, a business expert, or a fundraising dynamo, your special skills are in high demand. Let the experts at Entrepreneur show you how to capitalize on your talents and help others achieve their business goals!

No matter what your area of expertise, this hands-on guide will tell you everything you need to know to start your own successful consulting business. Discover how to get your business off the ground, position…

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