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This is a group for babysitters, mothers, fathers, caregivers, nurses/pediatricians and teachers! Are you a babysitter looking to translate your experience into a teaching or daycare career? Feel free to post any struggles, questions, or advice!


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Caregiving for a family member on a resume??

I have a family member that has been a caregiver for her ill father for almost 5 years, but now she is trying to get back into the workforce because she hired someone else to help out. She would cook, clean, do laundry, help him around the house, and run errands because he has trouble getting around and cannot leave the house. My question is would her caregiving experience count as valid work experience on a resume even though it was for a family…

I was a caregiver for two parents. One was for four years and the other for 10. During that time, I took graduate classes about…

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Some Rules are rediculous

As a former childcare provider through a private Christian daycare some of the things we had to do were ridiculous. To wipe a baby's butt, it was we had to do it 1. with a spray bottle - you spray the baby's hinny with some soapy water, get a paper towel and wipe their little hinny, 2. Get a plain water bottle and spray their little hinny, get another paper towel and dry their little hinny. 3. take a baby wipe and wipe their little hinny and get…

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That's pretty crazy Adele Dodd ! I didn't realize all the rules and regulations. I would imagine if a toddler has an accident…

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Crunk Energy Gig Post Below Is A Total Scam!

The post below is a SCAM!! Please don't fall for it!

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This is regarding a post on the Child Care network.

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Babysitter In Boca Raton, FL

Hello everyone! I am Michelle and am once again reaching out to any parents who reside in Boca Raton, FL in need of a babysitter. 18 years old and a high school graduate available all hours of the day, night, and even overnight if needed here! I am the oldest of four so I have plenty years of experience with 7+ years under my belt taking care of children ranging from infant to high school ages. I also have experience for multiples, sick children…

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Bilingual Youth Care Worker Wanted


I have a job opening in Mesa, AZ for a Bilingual Youth Care Worker. Please feel free to message me for more information.

Southwest Key is committed to keeping kids out of institutions and home with their families, in their communities. We are looking for people like you who have a passion for working with children and young adults.

The Youth Care Worker (YCW) is responsible for providing direct care supervision for youth residing in…

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Babysitting For Any - 18 Years Old

18 years old here! I am the oldest of four so I have plenty years of experience. 7+ to be exact, and I also have experience for multiples. I am willing to care for sick children. Being very hardworking, responsible, and organized, I will make sure your kids have a blast!! Must be in Boca Raton!!


So i know i am only 16, but i have helped look after my three younger siblings since my mom is a single parent. I have always loved being around kids, so if any one needs a babysitter for every now and then please email me.

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Hi McKaylie! Another place to advertise your babysitting services is to print out an ad (your name and experience and when you're…

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Looking For Summer Time Nanny Position!!

Does anyone know of anyone who needs a Full Time Summer Nanny? I am great with children. I am college student looking for employment from Mid May until late August.

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Looking for part time work at home jobs

Hopefully I can find something in data entry.

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Tammy, they hire in Tennessee. I currently have an application with them and I live in Mississippi.

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All the companies mentioned are tech support or customer support. I haven't seen many, if any, virtual jobs for data entry. I'm…

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seek job

does anyone need a cleaner in pembroke park florida

25 Best House Cleaning Services - Hollywood FL | Maid Service › Pro Ratings & Reviews › Florida ›…

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try these know that this time of year they are always looking for people...

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