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This is a group dedicated to helping Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky residents succeed in getting jobs, preparing for job fairs and interviews, and empowering & supporting each other! Feel free to ask a question, post an answer, share some info, and/or help a fellow jobseeker to be successful!

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Don't know what to do!! My printer is broke.

I need copies of my resume for the job fair but don’t got money for a new one. I don’t even got a job now. Help!!!! Where do you all print them from??


your local library or r job service you can print them for free

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The library though not free usually charges about 10-15 cents which is pretty reasonable compared to larger companies who may…

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Great Employers - The 2017 Cincinnati Works Job Fair!

There will be some great employers at the October 31st Cincinnati Works Job Fair, including the companies below!

To learn more about the job fair and to register, click here

Check out the links below to some of their open jobs- great way to prepare in advance for success at the job fair! Get to know the employers, review their job info, and keep asking/answering questions here on Jobcase to help yourself to be the best prepared that you can be!


Man they have some greedy lazy nuts on here

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The month of June 2019 is fast approaching and that will make it the 6th month of 2019.

Have you taken stock?
How is the company faring so far?
Is the strategy adopted working?
Is the company lagging behind?

It is important to review the operations, financial strategy and processes for the year now.
Now is as good a time to hit the button on improving your strengths and eliminating weaknesses.

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Nice advice! Thanks for starting a discussion on entrepreneurship!

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Try these 5 conversation starters!

Instead of sitting quietly, building a rapport with your interviewers before getting into the nitty-gritty details of the job can give you a major competitive edge over other candidates. Plus the interview will feel more like a friendly conversation which can certainly help calm those nerves (bonus)!

The key is to find something in common, and when in doubt always bring it back to the interviewer and the company. Remember, it's less about you…

I like this. I think it would be great for anyone who gets nervous too! I know I do.

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What IS professional attire??

So I’m signed up for the job fair and I have a question on what I should wear. I was told to wear “professional attire” but what does that really mean? When I worked at Subway that meant a subway shirt and hat.. I want to make a good impression here but I can’t afford buying a new suit for this. That’s why I NEED a job!!! Thanks in advance.

Black dress pants, belt. Clean shaven on the sides of your face, trimmed beard and mustache. Some sort of polo or button up shirt…

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Josiah Silverman I agree... Someone knows how to look good.!;)

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Speak up and sloooooow down

Headed to a job fair? Keep these things in mind!

As you approach the employer’s table make sure you are friendly, confident, and most importantly prepared with something to say. Be different and stand out! Don’t fall back on chatting about the weather because 100 other people will likely be doing the same exact thing. Research the companies you are going to chat with beforehand and lead with something to catch their attention.

“Hello! My name

I had to because I wasn't getting treated right and I had to move

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Looking Forward to the Next Cincinnati Works Job Fair

We’re hoping everyone walked away from yesterday’s Cincinnati Works Job Fair with a few interviews and/or job offers! If you did, tell us about it here! If not, let us know your next steps/if you have any questions. The Jobcase community is here to help!

If you or anyone you know is interested in more info on the next Cincinnati Works job fair, in the Spring, feel free to check back in this group for updates- Jobcase will be posting more…


I am Ruhul Ami,come form Bangladesh.I wants a works.working experience banking,customers services, outlets, cleaning,room…

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What do they ask you????

Ahhhhhhh I am really nervous and it's coming up soon!!!!! I have never been to a job fair before. Anyone know how this works?? What kinds of things will they ask me there?

It is like the shelves in a store.What ever Job Career you are interested in doing you might see it there.These are people that…

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Are YOU ready for the job fair???

Check out these tips to make sure you are all set for the job fair tomorrow, May 30th!

-Lay out your clothing the night before. By planning ahead you don’t have to scramble trying to find something in the morning. Also, be sure it's clean and wrinkle-free. Check out some tips on what to wear here.

-Grab those resumes. Pack at least 50 copies and place them in a folder, or notebook and then tuck them away in a bag. Just make sure your resumes…

Hey Ashley,I love you honey. I love the way you think as far as providing details on what a person can do to get themselves ready…

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Thanks sweetie,If my brother goes there to get hired,I can let you know if it worked out for him.Thanks again & have a great day

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Did you follow up?

Now that the job fair is over it is time to follow up!

So, whether you jotted the employer’s email address down in a notebook or have it on a card make sure to reach out. If you did neither don't worry, you can go to the company's website and look for the hiring manager's email. Once you have found their email (or address) follow up with a friendly email, or even send a quick thank you card in the mail. Don’t laugh, it’s the little things that…