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I'm tired of applying and not sure if they are even getting the applications. I really would like to hear something. I am 60 yrs old just looking for a small part-time job that is close to my home.

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I am 65 retired and a veteran I have been to the Dollar general stores in Callahan they said they would call me. But never…

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Dollar General

Working for DG has its perks like awesome customers but when you have a manager that doesn't care about the store,or it's employees what's the point? Especially when your DM doesn't help you AT ALL. Lady won't even lift a box to help get freight done. Other than that if you have a great team and great leaders then DG is great but not in International falls Minnesota.

I really need a job

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Job app

How do I getthere attiition


Hi Michael Hand , Good Question. here are some common suggestions from other members who have successfully landed job at Dollar…

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I have applied for Dollar General and it's not cool!! It's really hard for people to get a job. Managers if you really want to hire people that want a Job, don't hesitate or just look around. Don't email them just have a heart and just call the people that want a Job. I have a good heart telling people, Don't get stressed out because if you do then what's going to happen to you?

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Look I need a job I know how to stock and check

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Do they need help or not?

Waiting to hear back, I've applied and they're still looking. Sounds the same across the board here with everyone's comments. Why is this an ongoing issue?

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Part time

Looking for Part time D. G. Knotts Island

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I need help

I did my application and the manager called me and told me that she had send me a email for me to do my background check and I still have not received it can somebody help me so I can start to work asap thank you in advance

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Is this pic ur cridentials? I can tell nothing from this and really what I care about is experience, how you can help n b an…

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I want to work for Dollar General!

I have put in a 1000 applications in for the store I want to work at and they have not got one of them! The store is 6528!

Hi Jan Freeze - have you tried going into the store? If you can get in front of the manager, you will be able to get your name in…

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Matt Bornhorst I have gone in and talk to the manger a few times, she has pull up to see if application is there and it does not…

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Been having trouble I applied for dollar general and both managers at the store 8899 both said I’m hired but has been three weeks almost and I still haven’t got my email that I need to start work? Any ideas

Call them

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Not working

I applied online but no reply

Don't waste your time

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