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Job fair next Friday!!

Attention those in the West Virginia area!

Stop by the Kanawha Valley Job Fair next Friday, March 22'nd from 11am-3pm!

More than 200 local employers will be represented!

Some of which are:
• Aldi
• Wendy's
• The WVU Medical Center
• WesBanco Bank
• Ticketmaster
• Aramark
• Kelly Services
• Goodwill of Kanawha Valley
• Aflac
• Jackson Kelly PLLC
• Manpower of Charleston
• Toyota Motor Manufacturing
• City of Charleston
• Charleston…

Thank you!

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Ben Preston My pleasure Ben : )

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They might ask if...

One of the most common questions asked during an interview or at a job fair is…

Can you tell me about yourself?

Other variations could include...
-Why should we hire you?
-Why do you want to work here?
-What is it about us that makes you want to work here?

Answer these 5 questions to help you plan what to say and impress employers!

1- What are the three strongest reasons I am a great fit for this job?

2- What are some positive things I can…

try to present more than just good looks. Selfies work for younger people sometimes, but maybe using degrees or work experiences…

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How to attract employers with your resume!

Your resume showcases all the things an employer is looking for and each has certain expectations that they would like you to fulfill. It’s important to show them in your resume how/why you are the perfect fit.

Check out these tips on how to make your resume stronger and desirable to employers!

1- Have the qualifications for the job
Increase your chances of being hired by tailoring your resume specifically to jobs that you are qualified for…

Time to follow up!

Don’t let employers forget about you once the job fair ends...

Now is the time to follow up!

-Do it sooner rather than later
1-2 business days after the job fair is ideal.

-Make it personal
Remember that employers have met and spoken to MANY people at the fair, so it’s unlikely they will automatically remember you. If you had a good conversation, make note of something you discussed and mention it in the email.

-Reach out to the right people

Hi dear i am from India i have passport and i am a experienced unisex hair stylish I'm looking job out of country can you help…

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Dilawar Hossain Unfortunately, at this time, Jobcase only offers job searching opportunities in the US. I suggest that you check…

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Going To A Job Fair? Watch This!

Check out this great video on how to prepare and excel at a job fair.

Make the best impression, and get the job!

Do you think these Ps and Qs are helpful? Let us know in the comments!

Thanks so much.

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You got this!!!

Ok WV Jobcasers, you got this. 200 employers dying to hire people tmw. Here's a couple things to do tonight to improve your success tomorrow:
1) research 5-6 attending companies that you really hope to work for. (jobcase, glassdoor, or even google search can be great here). Make sure you know what drives their success so you know how to position your skills/expeience for them to hear how you will help them succeed.
2) practice your elevator…


Ok we got bit How we gonna to do the

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What to expect at a job fair!

If you have never attended a job fair or a hiring event, here are some things you can expect and tips on how to prepare yourself.

Also, if you haven't be sure to stop by the West Virginia job fair happening this Friday, March 22'nd!

Think of the event as a formal interview
It's important to treat the event just like a formal onsite job interview, so make sure to prepare! You can do this by researching the company or companies, practicing your…

Sorry, but this is not a website where employers normally look when they want to place people in jobs they have. YOU have to take…

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Are you ready for the upcoming job fair?!

Check out these tips to make sure you are all set for the job fair on March 22n'd!

Remember, it's never too early or to prepare!

-Lay out your clothing the night before.
By planning ahead you don’t have to scramble trying to find something in the morning. Also, be sure it's clean and wrinkle-free. Check out some tips on what to wear here.

-Grab those resumes.
Pack at least 50 copies and place them in a folder, or notebook and then tuck them…



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Shahinul Islam Do you need some help?

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Fields Available

In regard to fields of work that are being presented would it be appropriate for a third year college student who's working on their degree to attend? I'm working on my bachelor degree in sociology and my minor in human services and would be potentially looking for an employer that would accept someone out of college in May of 2020 with no experience in the field yet.

I would absolutely stop by the fair Kaitlyn Wells ! It's always great practice to speak with employers and make connections : ) I…

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270 employers!

And many are looking to hire! Come on by. If this is your first job fair, we will help you navigate it!

Thanks for stopping by and offering your assistance Mara Boggs ! Any tips on what to expect for tomorrow? : )

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Special needs

I have a son with special needs ( high functioning Autism). He would really like a job. Would this be an appropriate venue to bring him to, to find a job?

There are all types of employers. Please have your son come to the “Assistance” Table and we will help him find the employers…

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Mara Boggs Thank you so much! We will do that.

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