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Cop told me not to stop

years and years ago I was dropping off a load somewhere in Detroit. This was way before GPS and when we used maps! Ended up driving through what i thought was a shorter way but it was real sketchy. Got stopped by a cop who told me not to stop for anything else until I got to the warehouse. Told me to roll through redlights, california stop at stop signs.. he even said if anyone got in my way to just keep on goin and let them jump out the way. Was…

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You don’t even have to come to A complete stop for them to rob you I had a fellow driver that I knew was rolling through a stop…

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The Super Men and Women...Truck Drivers

All I can say is I applaud all you Truck Driver's. If people only knew how difficult that job really is we would think twice before ever saying an unkind word about those men and women who truly deliver!

It takes real talent to maneuver that type of equipment. Especially with all the other types of vehicles and level of drivers out there on the roads and highways. Non truck drivers don't even have to receive the type of driving education you all…

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Thank you very much

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Am I supposed to be psychic?

So I just finished getting loaded and I looked at my GPS routing before pulling out and it was showing the shortest route to a near by state route. I didn’t blindly follow the gps but rather pulled up the road on Google and scrolled through the street view to make sure that there wasn’t any signs showing that it was restricted or weight restrictions. No sings showing so I proceeded down the road. I came to an intersection one block from the state…

The motor carrier Atlas is not always correct I have almost been sent down several roads that were restricted that the Atlas said…

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Help! They fired me.

Last week I was doing a haul and the dispatcher told me I had to make it by 6 that night. It was my own STUPID fault but I drove faster than I ever do. I just really wanted to shut him the hell up and make it there. Well it rained hard earlier that day and I hit a big puddle. The truck skid and I flipped it onto its side. I called it in right away and then yesterday my boss told me I am fired. I couldn’t believe it!!!!! Anyone else ever get into…

Honestly... if my dispatcher tells me to get some where and I can’t make it safely than it’s not gonna happen, he can get mad all…

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He flipped out on me

My truck broke down last week and the supervisor shows up and tells me it’s MY fault because I did not do a good enough pre-trip. What happened was my other idiot supervisor strapped down a tire onto the catwalk and the strap broke, wrapped around my driveline and then tore up all my airlines. I told her it wasn’t me that did that. She then FLIPS out on me gets in my face and says that she doesn't need my attitude WHAT?!!!. The whole time I tried…

Lawyer up

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He went through my personal belongings!!

Last week after passing the scale I was pulled over for a DOT inspection. Figured it was routine when the officer asked if could see the inside of my truck. I got nothing to hide so I said sure. I was not carrying anything I shouldn't, but all of a sudden he starts rifling through my stuff and finds a large plastic cooking knife that was next to a spatula and some seasonings under my seat. I have a microwave in the back and sometimes I cook stuff…

Get a warrant

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Tank driver on HM!

Well, after talking with there recruiter for 2 days I finally have an interview with 2 men tues. about this job of a lifetime, I am soooo nervous, I hope I say the right things, they will be glad if they hire me, I am an older woman, but still do the dance, can't wait for the morning!

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He forced me to back up!!

First day of class was this past Saturday. We got thrown in the fire without any knowledge of how to back. The instructor showed us once and that was it. Then he expects us all to do it perfectly. I hit like 10 cones and felt like an ass, but a buddy of mine actually backed the truck straight into a ditch. Why they even had the truck anywhere near a ditch I have no clue. The instructor turned red and I really thought he was going to kill…

The US Army. MTOC school does it best

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Getting started

Hi. I'm Ginny. I have my cdl but have had nothing but problems getting started. I went to school at a mega company, got my cdl but didn't get the road hrs..still being charged 6k. Disaster from the start. I actually got to drive 10k miles with small company in SC..which I wasn't covered by their insurance so there were things I couldn't do. So basically I need a trainer for road time. Ive spoken to several companies and been turned down. Is it…

hey girl, with the money they charge I would take it up with the head machos in this so called school, & make it known about the…

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He pulls me over and then THIS happened!

I was doing a long haul a couple days ago and had my dog Purdy with me. I love my little girl!! Not even 10 miles out DOT pulls me over. They tell me she can’t have her head out the window and that he is going to write me a ticket!!! I start to freak out, but as he is about to write the ticket Purdy starts to cry and puts her paw up in the air and kind of waves at him like she is saying hi over and over. He asks me if I taught her that. I said I…


She is adorable!!!!

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