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New Federal Reserve report focuses on employment opportunities for workers without a college degree

CLEVELAND, Oh. — A new Federal Reserve report identifies jobs that do not require a four-year college degree and give workers the opportunity to earn above the national annual median wage of $37,690 (adjusted for differences in regional price levels). These jobs – also defined as opportunity employment – are the focus of a study released jointly today by the Federal Reserve Banks of Cleveland and Philadelphia, “Opportunity Occupations Revisited:

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This is incredibly interesting to me Steven Ransom . Thank you for sharing!

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Should Employers Take Responsibility for Employee Development?

The question: who should be responsible for an employee’s professional development; is this an easy one to answer? Who is Responsible for Employee Development?. Once the individual has been hired, professional development becomes the responsibility of...

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I don't think that there is one for sure answer - I think that it is upon the employee to do everything they can to development…

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How Robotic Automation is Changing the Job Market, Should US Workers Be Concern?

If you have a few hours to spare, try searching the internet for “robots and employment.” You’ll be inundated by a plethora of articles and conflicting opinions on whether robotic automation spells certain doom or a great opportunity for American workers. Taking Chicken Little’s view that “the sky is falling,” here’s an article posted back in 2017 CNN headline: “Millions of workers around the world are at risk of losing their jobs to robots — but…


Correct! And, those jobs will never return. Those robots will repair themselves and even create the parts to replace the worn…

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Update ::LinkedIn to close the curtains on its Job Search app in May

In February, LinkedIn also launched a live video feature that broadcasted professional events, along with career tips and interviews from professionals ...

LinkedIn – the professional networking platform is planning to close its standalone Job Search app in the coming month. According to the company, they are integrating similar – but better features in their main LinkedIn app that will enable the users to gain more visibility and find better…

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Employment law proposals you should be watching

It seems like there’s a new health care reform proposal introduced in Congress every day. It’s enough to make one forget that our lawmakers have eyes for anything but health care. But numerous actions in Congress are providing plenty of fodder for discussion about employment and labor issues, too.

Bills related to pay practices, family leave and retirement have been introduced by Democrats, Republicans, centrists, and legislators further out on…

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We are headed towards socialism because most people want free stuff, I'm just glad I never had children because this nation is…

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Steven Ransom Thanks Steven and God bless you

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You don't have to work for a major corporation to find professional happiness.

The Perks of Self-Employment
Like the majority of people who choose self-employment, I'm happier, more fulfilled and better paid for an hour of my time than I was working a ...

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So true Steven Ransom ! It's important to define success for yourself and reach for the goals that sound most gratifying to you…

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The future of Irving’s senior citizens

Seniors in Irving, TX need jobs, not seminars, to ensure a secure foundation.
Emma West, an Irving resident, asked city council members. “Why is there so much focus placed on financial coaching seminars and workshops,” “The number one need is jobs. That will help seniors so that they will not consistently need assistance, food, and shelter.”

West said. “One of the job programs she attended was at Irving Cares called Invest In Yourself.”

  • West…

So true! And I, for one, have more natural energy then my own sons who are 42 and, 36. They themselves tell me constantly.
I am…

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Turn Your Knowledge and Experience in to Big Buck

Whether you're a computer whiz, a business expert, or a fundraising dynamo, your special skills are in high demand. Let the experts at Entrepreneur show you how to capitalize on your talents and help others achieve their business goals!

No matter what your area of expertise, this hands-on guide will tell you everything you need to know to start your own successful consulting business. Discover how to get your business off the ground, position…

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Technology Employment Expands its Presence in the Virginia Workforce

PRNewswire (press release)
RICHMOND, Va., March 26, 2019,/PRNewswire/ -- Technology-related employment in Virginia grew by more than 6,400 new jobs in 2018 and the ...

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This is great news, Steven Ransom ! Thanks for sharing this development!

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