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Community News :: News and Employment Issue From Around The Web
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Community News :: News and Employment Issue From Around The Web
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As employers seek more control over labor costs, the number of part-time jobs has soared in the post-great recession period. But increasingly erratic work schedules -- an attempt to squeeze maximum efficiency from every part-timer -- has taken a toll on the workers. Here an economic look at some of the consequences.
More part-time workers face instability, long hours.

Are Full-Time or Part-Time Jobs Better?

  • When you have a part-time job you... see more

Has anyone heard of this:
Balanced Labour Market Act Adopted by the Senate?

The Balanced Labour Market Act (WAB) has recently been adopted by the Senate by a narrow majority. The new act, which will enter into force on 1 January 2020, aims to reduce the differences between temporary and permanent employment contracts. Measures include, amongst other things, making payrolling more expensive and easing dismissal rights. The most important changes... see more

They said they often try to get the word out around town by going to job fairs and explain how they need more substitute teachers. However, the ...

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The Winchester Star
“We currently have positions open and are hopeful these two upcoming career fairs will provide us with a nice pool of candidates for current and future ...

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Wire News Fax
Hasselt / Wednesday, October 23, 2019, at the latest wave for up to 14 hours, the doors of the Expo, the city of Hasselt (Grenslandhallen) for the big job ...

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Despite improving job data, older unemployed workers are having more trouble finding work, as companies favor less-experienced, cheaper candidates. Tracy Smith looks into what it takes to find a job for an unemployed baby boomer.

I definitely feel for this one. I was our of a job from 2009-2012 and still trying to recover. Lost almost... see more

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Valley News
Health and Human Services Commissioner Jeffrey Meyers stepped into the job at a time of crisis. He never intended to stay long. “I got appointed for a ...

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The Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development is emphasizing the benefits of hiring people with disabilities this month.

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Naples Daily News
Since last year, Lee County has created 10,900 jobs. ... of the busy season and the holidays, the region is seeing a flurry of job fairs and hiring events.

That's amazing! Way to go Southwest Florida... I hope to see the unemployment rates decline across the whole... see more

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