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Wanting a job at Amazon

I’ve worked for my company for 19 yrs. I’m ready to start over at a new company.

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I'm Starting the 27th :-)

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How do i work for Amazon online in South Jersey?

I am a mom of an 9 month old and one on the way. I would like to work for Amazon online because it would fit my new life perfectly.

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How long after your drug screening and background check does it take to get an email to know whether you were accepted or not?

Yes it’s a very fast paced company. But it’s cool I work for a company inside of there the pay is great and the drug screening was…

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I need a job

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I would like to work for Amazon

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warehouse man

how much $ per hour and how many working days in one week

Most of the jobs in warehouse starts at $15 per hours the amount of hours depends on your shift and depends on work loads.

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I want work

Ok thanks pl. Let me know if there is any openinga apart from sales.

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Job offer

I put in for job then took drug test and background check. Tjey gave me my schedule and orientation for 1st day but never heard anything. I waited and called 10 times. I passed d.t. and background is taking forever. They let 30 days laps and started a new ap. Even tjough i worked tnere and havent been in trouble . I had 1 dui 10 years ago and they only do 5 to 7. I cant get an answer . It usually takes 10 days to hear back. Its ridiculous

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I'm sorry to hear that robert schwabe - sometimes the job search doesn't go as quickly as we like. Keep at it - if it takes…

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why is customer service for amazon so rude not willing or even wanting to help you u they have huge attitudes even when they made the mistake themselves i ordered something off of amazon mons back they over charged me not once but twice by 600 dollars to took months to get my money back i think i did the 3 to 5 buss. days at least a dozen times in just 2 month after 5 months of amazons rude customer service i couldnt take anymore and had to go…

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I need a job

How do I apply???

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Go to amazon force

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Hi El_diablo1164 x ,

If you have found that you are not hearing back from jobs or landing interviews the problem could be that…

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