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This group is for project managers who want to get better at their job or share their knowledge and experiences. You may also use it to post jobs or jobs wanted.

The PMP is the Project Manager Professional certification from the Project Management Institute (PMI). Anyone who wants to share information about getting the certification is welcome. You could be
* studying for the exam
* interested in learning more about the requirements
* already certified and willing to mentor others


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Starting to prepare for PMP..

What would you advice, as the best approach to start prepping for PMP, once you are done with the PMP class?

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I am sorry that I have no experience with the subject. I can tell you this though. I would study from everything I learned from…

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What's your favorite part of managing a project?

I'm curious... what is your favorite part of managing a project? What do you enjoy doing? Or what makes you feel the best?

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Understanding the Project basics, requirements, platform, & working with Stakeholders, to ensure Project meets its objectives…

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Project and Program Expert, Needing the PMP Certificate!

Hello. I am joining this group to share what I know, providing any expertise and insights I have. I have recently taken a PMP Prep course, however, taught with the pre-March 2018 materials. I am anxious to discover the key differences or gaps that may appear on the new test? Thank you- please feel free to ask any questions and check out my LinkedIn Profile ( I recently relocated to the Greater Denver Colorado…

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Thanks Scott Faulkner - I often wonder about the incremental value added by obtaining certifications. I've had the PMP before and…

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Project Management Mentors of Detroit

This is a group that meets on the first Wednesday of most months. Despite the name, we meet in Troy, Michigan, which is about 20 miles north of Detroit. We discuss project management topics - often issues we've experienced in managing a project. And it counts toward continuing education for the PMP or CAPM certifications. If you're interested, feel free to contact me or see

Reminder: Our next meeting is February 6th. Check out the link, for the location in Troy, Michigan and more details. Sorry we…

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Dallas, Texas-Project Manager/Project Coordinator Position

The company I work for is looking to fill a project coordinator/pm job for highly organized individuals with PM/PC experience. See the add here for more information on how to apply:,-Inc./jobs/Project-Coordinator-93fdf47d12dab22d?q=Exigo+Office&vjs=3

If you are in the DFW area and meet the required skill set, consider applying. If you have any questions, please let me know.

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Hi, Anthony. Thanks for posting this!

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Please post resources as responses to this post.

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The Project Management wiki is at . It has over 250 articles…

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This wiki now has almost 500 articles. Most of them are short, and you can use the links in them to follow the flows through the…

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Hello. I am currently studying for the PMP exam and would like to know if there are any study groups in the Atlanta area. It would be helpful to tackle the exam preparation with other members (also, the accountability and discipline is so valuable)...there truly is strength in numbers!

Hi Ludmilla Anglade - I found this link after some research. I hope it helps!!

Best of luck on your PMP exam!! You have got this…

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Currently studying for the PMP Exam. I expect to take it at the end of the year. My education and background is in Office Management and Real Estate. I've discovered that through the various roles I've held, a large part of the methodologies and practices I used from one day to the next often mirrored that of those taught In the Project Management profession...Time Management, People Management,and the ability to Technologically saavvy and…

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Hope it went well for you.
I took the exam before the same deadline. I passed! I hope you did too.

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Bryant Johnson Remember at least some of those hours can be volunteer work. I don't remember if assigned school projects can…

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PMP/CAPM Exam Suggestions

Hi. While I was studying for the exam, some members of a local PM group were kind enough to share their helpful suggestions for passing. I'm starting this conversation to share them and add a few of my own.
Would others who have taken the exam add your advice, please?

Now there's a thought, I forgot about Robin! The TIME constraint for the PMP exam. OMG!!!....Thanks for raising another level of…

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Bryant Johnson Yes, consider the time. I think the test length gives you plenty of time. But you could get bogged down and waste…

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Comments on the PMBOK 6th edition?

Hi. As most of you probably already know, the Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK) came out at the end of last year, and the PMP exam switched to match in March 2018. There were 3 new processes defined and miscellaneous other changes. What do you think of the changes?

For instance, I like the change of the label for the process group of Time Management to Schedule Management. The label Schedule Management is better aligned with the…

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Times have changed. Really depends on the geographic area. In the Philippines it would not be budget management because their…

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