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Encouraging work & manager

My manager is very encouraging to me I just started working a Papa John’s recently and I don’t know everything and im def not as fast as some of my coworkers, but he always takes a minute or two to try and coach me and its really great so far. The pay is decent especially if i takee over a driver shift. Sometimes the customers are really annoying but its a good job

So glad your manager is taking the time to help you train up in your new position, and it sounds like you're really adjusting…

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I’m glad I delivered last night

Thanks for having me I’m new to jobcase.. So a little backstory I got in a car accident about a month ago so my car has been on its last legs for awhile so I’ve been trying to save up a bunch of money to get a new one. Well last night it was around 10pm I was out for a delivery run and this one customer had about a 50$ order. He gave me a 100 and told me to keep the change!! It may not seem like alot to some people but it made my night and I…

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Where did you find this deal? I'll do it!

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Interviewing here?

If you wanna work for Papa Johns these are somethings they will probably ask you:

Why do you want to work for Papa John’s?
Can you work weekends (say yes)
Why should we hire you?
How would you deal with an upset customer?

Anyone else have any questions that they were asked we can add in here?


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I told them I would work weekends

I needed a job real bad so my friend Keisha told me to come work for u. She has been at Papa Johns for a while. I had my interview that week and the next one I was hired. They asked me if I was willing to work weekends during my interview and I told them yes. Make sure u say that if rthey ask u. A lot of places like u to be free on weekends. It's nice to have a job at last!!!!!

Congrats!!! Very smart to tell them you work weekends! Most employers will ask you that just to see your reaction , I'm so glad…

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Not a delivery driver but..

So a while back some old college friends and I met up and hung out for the first time in a few years. We ended up getting hungry and ordered some Papa John’s pizza. There was about 12 of us and the total was somewhere around $50.. We all ended up throwing in 10 bucks each and just gave it to the guy when he got here. I guess he was going through some rough times. He came back recently and told us how much the that tip meant to him. It really…

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thanks for sharing bud

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Got the job at papa johns!!! First job I ever had. I been here for like a week, but everybody is nice. love making money. Hoping I can train to do delivery. Need a car first tho.

GO AND KICK TAIL, GABE!! Great to hear the news. Keep it up!

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Jerry Scott IM GOING thanks! its very exciting since this is my first job

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Confused about training

So I hired at the local Papa John’s and i was told to expect an email telling me where to go for training? Like I guess it’s not on site it’s at a different location for all the nearby franchises. I never got the email though I checked in my spam folders and everything so I’m a bit lost on what to do since I don’t know where to go. I called the store where I got hired from but no one is picking up.. What do I do??

Maria Ayala ! You can answer me ?

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What can I do??

I love my job at Papa John's as a shift manager. One of the best jobs I've had. My little one is getting older tho and my wife is back to work. She and I usually take turns picking him up from daycare, but recently her job has been keeping her longer and longer. She hasn't been able to get him and I keep asking my sister in law to pick him up which is ok for now, but I can't keep asking her. I don't want to leave early myself and set a bad…

Speak to your district manager about your situation with your son.Upper management is suppose to understand situations with kids…

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Being a good manager

I’m an assistant manager at Papa John’s and I always try to put my employees first. You hear big companies like google give lots of perks to their employees cuz it makes them work more so I always try to keep my drivers and cooks happy. Sometimes that means I’m busting out pizzas with them or taking out some deliveries or changing the work schedule at the last minute but it’s worth it bcuz most of my employees have been here for over a year so I…

So what does your GM or multi unit do if you are working all the shifts and. Filling the holes as well as doing the schedule. I…

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Should say shiftly not Shortly

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Make it the right way

Basically you should read the order three times before you start to make it and that way you know exactly what you should be making. Use the cups to make sure you have the exact amount of ingredients and if its a half and half pizza you can use an olive on two ends to cut the diameter of it so its easier to place toppings. Also you should leave some space between them for the cutter. When spreading the sauce keep your ladle level and smoothly and…

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Depending on what part of the country your from, to some too much is never enough lol yeah

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