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Will someone help me get the inside scoop on applying. I got to the corporate, set up an account and apply. I go to the store and ask if they are needing anyone and they all say yes but it has to go through corporate. Maybe it is my cologne.

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I need a job

I been trying to get a job

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Im trying

Ive been trying to get into a job at home depot for so long and everytime i call they say there not hiring at the moment i just want to be part of the team i think it would be perfect for me

Try applying online

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Sure why not? Home Depot has plenty of full & part-time job options available. Go Home Depot careers to discover local job…

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recommended by career counselor

I have been unemployed 7 and a half years. (it is true) In the middle of it all, my special needs kids qualified for assistance/welfare and I took advantage of it to meet household expenses. I am indebted to grad school loans of $80,000. I have typical expenses of anyone with 8 kids (as of last few months half moved out) I have no specific, solid specialization or license in any occupation, but I have experience in mental health. (Master's in…

You should go on home depot.com
It'll be close to your kids school maybe
You can work part time there they have benefits
The Home…

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What kind of response is that? He obviously us looking for a job or he would​not have posted his personal business. Besides your…

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Hello i am a christian man i need a job

4132975184 i waite

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I commend your bravery sir for posting your religion. I'm a Christian too. Have you thought of missionary work? I have and still…

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I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves. Matt 10:16. Also,

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I need a job my family need me can any one help me.

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Hi Mr. Gerson! How is your resume? Do you need a better one? Please email me if you need help with it. I write resumes and I offer…

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Home Depot Avg. Pay$$

Take a look at Home Depot average salaries for the most common In-Store and Warehouse positions. Salary information reported by Glassdoor.com, (please note average starting salaries may vary by location and applicant experience):

-----> Cashier (Hourly) - $9.80 per hour

-----> Sales Associate - $11.35 per hour

-----> Freight (Warehouse) Team Associate - $10.32 per hour

Click HERE to see more Home Depot jobs and average Salaries.


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Home Depot Now Hiring 1,200

Home Depot Is Now Hiring 1,200 In Metro Atlanta. Apply today at https://careers.homedepot.com/jobs-in-bloom/. This a great option for students and retirees looking for some extra money but these jobs are also a good way to get your foot in the door of a major brand. Interested?

Go to Home Depot Jobs in Bloom to search for local opportunities and apply today!!


I just got hired last week

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Congratulations Eric!

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Does this hiring preference really work?

I saw something called the Opportunity Tax Credit on the Home Depot application. It's supposed to tell Home Depot they can earn a tax credit if they hire me. The application said the information is reported anonymously but I opted out of it. It's meant for Veterans, felons, low income, and long term unemployment recipients which I would honestly qualify for but I'm afraid of the unfair bias . Should I have opted in instead?

I don't think your penalized for providing that information on the application. It's probably a good idea to add it on customer…

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