i need a job

i need a job

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well i am looking for a computer job

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Looking for a part-time job

I'm in high school and in 10th grade I need to find a part time job between 3:00 and 5:00 I don't have a car yet I'm only 16 I will be most likely to be driving next year

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Looking for a Job

I m from Mississippi and just recently came to Tennessee and I m having trouble finding anything. Any Suggestions???

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Come join me

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Lisa O’Connor what’s this about?

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Penninah- Job searching

Hi, is it possible for me to get a job if i live outside the country. Like my case , i live in Africa, kenya but i am in dire need of a job anywhere . Kindly advise.

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Job searching

I am currently actively looking for a new job I live in Quincy Mass I have 10 plus years in cashier retail and customer service as well as five plus years in supervising in management I am very reliable dependable and love what I do.

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Looking for a job in the Retail industry Ashley Winslow ? This is your week. Staples National Recruiting Day is this Wednesday…

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Inneed of night jobs

I moved to del co in december. My oldest is in elem school, i am a stay at home mom for my 3 yr old. My fiance is the only worker in our home. Ive been applying, had 3 interviews,and nothing good came from it. I do need a 6-10 or so night job due to his work schedule to be home with our kids. I have 14 yrs retail exp, money handling,floor merchandising. Please contact with info. Were struggling financially with 1income. Please help!

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Hi Angela Jenkins ! Your babies are beautiful : ) If you’re interested in working from home here are a few positions I can…

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Hi my name is Tammie Jones.
I received my Associate Degree in MBC/HCR in 2017. I haven't had any luck in finding a job. Most job require you to have so many years training or work experience in that field.

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Hi Tammie Jones , welcome to Jobcase!

Looking for Medical Billing career job opportunity?

Lack of experience is the usual…

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Trying to start my career!

I have been having to stay home with my son, Lane because he's in a neck brace from an auto accident. We have about 3 more weeks until it comes off, but I am actively applying for so many jobs until then. I have my Associates in General Studies and 10+ years in Customer Service experience.

So sorry to hear your son was hurt in an accident. I hope he is able to get his brace off soon!

Have you tried using the job…

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Laila Nashat I have a little and have applied to quite a few jobs so far but thank you so much for the tip my son is doing so good…

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On disability need part time job

On disability need part time job to keep me busy


Katie Helderman try using the job search up at the top under 'jobs & companies'. Good luck!

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I was a whistle blower at my last job. I currently have a law suit against them. What do i say when asked if they can contact my previous employer

I was a whistle blower at my last job. What do i say when they want to speak to my previous employer

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If they ask or just let them the reference may not be what you want to here however I was there for however many years. After 11…

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Looking for employment

Hi my name is Heather and I am currently looking for a job. Things are getting scary and bills are piling up and getting behind, real behind....I have applied at so many different places and even re-did my resume. I have done everything I can think of to find a job. It just seems like no one is calling back for an interview for some reason. It bothers me not getting any responses back except that they going to look over the application and if…

Don't let the lack of responses influence your energetic, positive, and self starter nature Heather Dusenbery . Lot's of other…

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