This has real been hard on me since my best friend my husband died 2yrs ago...I had a full time job at home cooking,canning,raising grandchildren,great nieces and nephews plus we had 150 animals I took care of daily ..Besides all house work...My husband was over the road truck driver at age of 72 ...His family needs came first before his needs..Plus we were granny and papaw to all the neighbor kids...Most of them come from poverty..Well we was rich in money sense rich with love...one night I truly never forget he called home and ask are you resting the laugh was on I still in kitchen with 14 children cooking their supper..He said what I repeated it he said your joking I said no I said kids holler papaw tell who all here. They are did like roll call ...then he decide we better get off phone he said them kids need a good hot meal before they go to bed they have school tomorrow...He said is all of them spending the night I said no but I can make room for them if needed..He said it's never a quite moment at home ..Well I had to leave our home and neighborhood that we lived in for 8 yrs ...Now I'm about 15 miles from old neighborhood I really miss it and children .Now i live tiny in Camper only 1 little dog I sure don't remember ever being so alone ..Now I work part time I get to help customers in store I do resets and planogram ..I stay extra sometimes over at work just to hear voices...Ask and talk to customers So I guess I could say my job saved me from loneliness...Never take anything for granted because we're not promised ..So I'm very thankful for whom I am ...i hope one of you think how something like my life style change over night...It's hardest thing I ever had to deal with..I work for many years two and three jobs most of my life till I meet my husband ...After 10 yrs I'm now back working ..But I love helping other and giving advice and opinions...





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