"Going in a different direction"

I am semi-retired, don't want to work full time, but I still have some impressive skills that I would like to maintain. I have applied for several jobs that would be great with my skill set. Every time, I have been declined for further consideration, most often because the companies are going in a different direction.
I am healthy, and more than able to do these jobs, but I think my age scares employers off. The kicker is that even though I have been told that these companies are going in a different direction, I still see these exact jobs listed on the job boards. I know they are not supposed to discriminate because of age, but it appears that they are. It also seems to me that someone who is skilled, and experienced would be a better option, even in the short term, rather than train someone new to the field. Someone, I might add, that will take a very long time to reach my skill level.




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