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Sandra Barker
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Dsp at Devereux Foundation

I worked for a company which cares for the physically and mentally challenged. Last Thursday I was told not to come to work because I was under investigation. I asked why? I was completely surprised and angry. He said he could not tell me anything. I have worked there for a year. The person who filed the complaint was new to the group home and the patients. I was told by a friend that the patient in question was asked if anything happened while I was on duty, and he said no. I called Human Resources, and HR did not know anything about it. They even asked me who told me not to report to work. I told them the person's name. The HR person said she would try to find out what is going on. The week before my supervisor gave me an excellent evaluation. I am totally confused at this point. Anyone ever go through the same experience? Thank you for any insights.

over 4 years ago
Anthony Harrington
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IT Business Analyst

This seems to be a common issue with caretakers.It seems to be a very cut-throat industry, though for the life of me I can't imagine why, considering the nature of the industry is compassion.

Years ago I worked for a company that provided day-hab services to individuals with developmental disabilities. I was simply a bus driver at the time and there was this fellow bus driver who was hateful for no reason. She was constantly reporting me for wreckless driving, though I have no idea how she could have even known that considering our routes took us in completely opposite directions where our paths never crossed.

She filed so many complaints that the powers that be decided to put us in a room to hash it out with management. Her anger and vitriol towards me was ridiculous. I barely knew the woman, we never interacted outside of attending meetings together, and I don't think I ever said one word to her. She was just on a mission to be hateful. I eventually became the manager of the transportation department and she quit, but I never figured out why she hated me so much.

All this to say, I find it extremely odd that accusations have been leveraged against you, but you are not being told what they are to properly defend yourself. I am not sure how an investigation can be undertaken without you providing a statement.

I am not sure that I would 100% trust the process at this company, it sounds like there is some shady happenings underway. I would be pleasantly surprised if the HR department does anything to assist you, as they are there to protect the employer, not to advocate for the employee.

Keep us updated and I am sorry to hear that you are going through this.