Things you can to do to overcome stress before a job interview

When we're faced with certain pressure-cooker situations, it's easy to allow our emotions to take control. Fear and anger can overwhelm even in the most strong-minded and tough people. Applying and interviewing for jobs is a highly stressful event. You get excited about the prospect of getting a great new role with higher pay or has potential for career advancement. So you end up in your mind thinking about all of the amazing possibilities where this job could lead in the future. Only to be accompanied by the elation of the impending dread of failure and anxiety about the logistics of the interview process such as:

What if it doesn't work out?
I'm worried that they won't like me
I hope I don't embarrass and make a fool out of myself
What if I freeze up in the interview
How can I make sure my current boss doesn't find out
What should I wear that won't call attention to me at work?

In order to manage and harness these feelings to thrive and succeed in the interview. You need to work on handling your emotions and stop the pressure, stress and anxiety to fester, grow and eventually swallow you whole where it will be impossible to succeed.

People who are successful manage their emotions well to excel in the interview process and eventually nail the job offer.

Your confident level grows as you learn more about the company, it's culture, the people who you'll be meeting with. You will become more comfortable as you understand what the job requirements are, and how you will present yourself.

Before an interview, it goes without saying, invest in yourself Take time to spend amount of energy and time to prepare. Put aside non-essential tasks and focus on learning as much as you can about the company, the people that you will be interviewing with.

LinkedIn offers profiles of the interviewers or you can Google, look them up on social media. The simple act of devoting time will invigorate you with confidence that will help displace your fears and worries.

Days before an interview - Rationalize what is the upside and downside of an interview. If you're currently working, then the worst thing that can happen is you can return to your office and try another opportunity. The risk vs reward is clearly in your favor. Think in terms of having nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Pay close attention to your body language - Try walking around with your shoulders back, head held high with a confident stride. When you see someone crossing your path, look them straight in the eye and nod hello with a smile. I guarantee you that you will feel strong and confident. Use that in an interview. Make your body language reflect confidence and authority.

I know I'm making it sound so easy. I empathize how hard it can be for some people to keep their emotions in check. View this post as a starting point to build upon. The more you work on it, the more you'll become comfortable, confident and capable of fighting back the feelings of worry, stress, fear and anxiety.





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