BAD MANAGER & inappropriate work environment

I started working for Safeway July 30 I worked a total of one week and then had to change my shift because I was just diagnosed with cancer. My regional manager refuse to call me for a month after I went in three times politely asking for a shift and then called 12 times being hung up on five and then being told that the manager was unavailable the other half of the time . I eventually had to quit my job and start looking for another one. Mind you the only thing I told them is that I had severe health issues that required more time during the night for me to sleep because of the medication that I am going to be taking. When I had gone in to quit my job I had two checks waiting for me no one had I told me when I was going to be paid, no one had been concerned enough with being under staffed, and that when I actually quit he handed me my checks and literally walked away no thank you for working with us no I apologize for your problems that you had while you were working here and I worked Technically for this company for a total of 2 1/2 months. During that time the conditions of the store were horrible I worked making donuts and I could literally smell the mold from the kitchen & it was making me sick. employment safety was at an all time low, And the standards for the store excuse my language but complete utter bullshit. Other employees were constantly complaining about problems & the manager just didn’t give an absolute flying fuck.

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