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Fran Walker
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I am from Northeast Philadelphia, I would like to be honest and up front. I just am bring released from prison after 2yrs, every though I didn't actually do it. I was there and I got charged with a robbery and I just met the guy thst did it 30 mins. Before it happened. Wrong place, wrong time. I seen how true that statement really is! I have a 21mth old set of twin boys, I want and need to be a responsible father and know every decision I make from here on out will effect them. Taking care of my son's in my only focus!

I'm interested in: wearhouse, stock, loading dock, labor, construction, production, manufacturing. Really anything related to what I discribed.

Thank you

over 6 years ago
Esther Pascal
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Community Project Manager at Jobcase

Hi Fran: Thanks for posting on Jobcase! Here's a fantastic resource that would be helpful to you: This website was created to help folks in your position learn about their options and give them the tools they need to re-enter the workforce. They also offer a really helpful list of companies that are known for hiring ex-offenders: You can search for jobs at these companies by clicking Jobs & Companies at the top of the Jobcase page to get the job search page!

Here's another site that might offer you some help: it actually gives you information about some of the benefits for the employer for hiring you:

Our job search page can be found at: Some of the jobs on our site have 1 click apply, but for many jobs you need to click the job title to follow the link and complete the employer’s application process. Best of luck!

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