Good Morning Community,

May your days be filled with happiness and joy during this holiday season. Thanksgiving is a time to give Thanks and Blessings to all the things we are grateful for. What are some of the things you are thankful for this Thanksgiving? Sometimes, holidays can be overwhelming to some of us and it is time to also share your time with a loved one. Let them know you are thinking about them. Whether it be a family or friend offering kinds of words of wisdom can always brighten their day. Take the time to be kind to a stranger by simple words of wisdom. Homelessness is a growing concern in our communities and this is just another way one can brighten a stranger's day. Let them know someone is kind enough to say a word of encouragement to them and they matter too. Many elderly, seniors and others will be spending this holiday alone. Some in a warm place others not so fortunate to have a warm place to stay? Please keep in mind the simple blessings you have and share it with others. May Your Thanksgiving be filled with many blessings and Happiness today and everyday forward.

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