Breakers Billiards

I ran the bar for about 5 years. Between my partner and I we built the bar from scratch, we put the kitchen in, and the bar. We added 25 pool tables. I designed the menu and priced everything. At the end of the 4th year my wife and I bought a franchise of the American Pool Players Assoc. And had that for 16 years when we sold it. We started with 0 teams and 0 players and ran it into over 300 teams in 7 years. We were the biggest league in Indiana. While in the growing process there was not a lot of money to be made till we achieved 100 teams. So I was asked by a friend to start a poker game for a VFW which was in Marion Indiana. It started iff slow because of all the competition of clubs like that. But it eventually grew to where we had 70 players (max) plus had as many as 3 cash games start from that. We had 15 employees and was pretty successful. After our league grew so big I bowed out and let a couple friends take it over. It still goes today. Mainly as a 2/4 limit cash game. Since selling our league I have been giving pool lessons as often as I want. My wife and I are professional pool players and have a lot to offer. And we also have a horse farm that takes a lot of my time.

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