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Having first hand knowledge of the effects of poor decision making, I find it very rewarding to help others make more positive choices moving their lives forward. Due to choices I've made in the past, I am currently on extended supervision. After conversations with my parole officer and his recognition of the changes I myself have made, he has referred clients in need of a positive strategy in dealing with their particular struggles. Not only do I speak candidly with these individuals, my own credibility in going through the same struggles myself is what I truly believe to be the most powerful factor. Asking the right questions help give me insight into the motivations for whatever their mishap may be. Whether it be drug addiction, selling drugs, robbery, or whatever their uncreative choices are, they stem from desperation most times. A self-induced desperation. And if I can help them to realize the choices which are painting them into a corner, change can be made.

over 4 years ago
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