Krysta Rayner
over 1 year ago

Is this legit??

Ok so I started at Macy's warehouse here in Joppa,MD. I was a picker, I loved my job and was good at it. I started on Sept 14th and mi d you when they did my interview I was honest to the lady plus it was on my application that I had a felony from 2011 and sis my time and am off probation and I have a charge on stet docket for 1yr with the stipulation I get a job and don't get into any trouble within that year which I hadn't. Macy's hr even had me go to the court house in Towson at 330pm the day they called about 2weeks late they there investigating my background so they could see more about the stet charge. I went to work October 20th as usual at 6am, once I get my rixketa and get ready to start picking my manager Brandi carper calls me over and says I have to.leave hands me this paper saying hr has tryed to contact me several times (bullshit) and they are suspending me it was Friday or Saturday so I had to wait till Monday.morning at 9am to call and find.out my.job staus. Well needless to say they terminated me!!!! I don't get it plus there's people there with criminal backgrounds, it was a warehouse with plates and stuff. I did good work and they that legit? To.let me work that long then fire me????

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Isaac Schmitz

Sorry but it sounds like they can.

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