Getting a job with mental illness is hard.. advice?

I've been to three interviews in Kentucky and I explained to the managers I received disability prior. Indiana is nice and willing to work with people with disabilities and hire them (I had three jobs there prior), one with subway at 17 and an employee picked on me saying I broke a register when I never worked register and a supermarket at 16 which I worked the longest for a few months doing carts, bagging, stocking and carrying groceries to people's cars. I also did housekeeping recently and my manager was really nice. I miss my job at Hampton Hilton and the manager knew the situation and wasn't judgmental at all knowing I got a disability check. I wanted to keep my job but there was circumstances where I had to move and quit for living conditions. What would be your advice of how to deal with being cut off from disability and being discriminated against for mental health issue and looking for a job in Kentucky? The managers can tell I'm anxious and have issues but one looked at me like she wouldnt give me a chance because of it and I've also been through trauma and have PTSD along with depression and anxiety... how would you say I should deal with this when I just want a chance like everyone else without feeling discouraged and sad over the judgement and my honesty toward managers...Thank you for your advice.




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