robert hodge
over 6 months ago

Recruiting & Dispatch manager

As I have been out of work since Sept 2016, I've been trying on a daily basis to find a position in my field of recruiting for staffing agencies. In every imaginable way,I've been looking, but so far no luck. I've also, on a daily basis looked in other fields, but that hasn't worked out as well. I have a real passion and love for recruiting in the light industrial field because more than not, you are helping non skilled people find work and those that are having a hard time find work for many reasons. Students, people with criminal records, those looking for a 2nd job, etc,etc. It is quite a rewarding feeling when you can help someone get back on their feet and find employment. I still have that emence passion. It is so frustrating not being able to find any sort of employment , let alone in recruiting. I guess 18 years experience doesn't count for much. I'm not giving up and I know NYC is a tough market, but where does a 57 year old go to get help in returning to his passion, his field?

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Mark Bryan

Hi Rob,

Sorry to hear it's been tough to get back in the industry. Were you working in Recruiting this past September when you last held a job? It's tough to tell from your profile. I would also look at remote Recruiting positions. There are companies that allow you to work remotely and can Recruit for companies all over the country. I would look online and do some research on remote opportunities as well.

Best of luck! -Mark

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Marijoy Bertolini

Hi Rob, Mark's comment below is on target - it would help your search for employer's to see more detail in your profile. Also, have you been doing the 'hunting' yourself? Or have you been managing teams? My advice is to continue to network with both employers and candidates... that way, you can demonstrate your ability to find candidates to a prospective employer during the interview. (Don't mislead the candidates, obviously, but keep in contact so you can come up with a pipeline of candidates quickly for an employer.)

Best of luck! Marijoy