One time where I almost gave up was...

From time to time avoiding socializing at work can make a big change in your motivation and work ethic... applying efficient and effective potential can give an employee as an individual the possibilities of important time management skills and teamwork growth in many ways... when starting at a new job that experience as a new employee can make a huge difference in your success furthering your employment, and can help create a more positive environment and create strength and friendship with coworkers and management.... kicking off, and avoiding discouraging thinking is sometimes a way to play a role as a team member and remind yourself of the key points that can help you improve your efforts and fulfill you job in a trusting environment.... acnowlaging my efforts with my experience at work was a bit difficult seeing there was some pressure to fit in and difficulty acnowlaging change through practical system... if this is where your coworkers expect you to shine and take control of the situation sometimes if conversation and communication is cut short efficiency becomes compromised at least with my experience starting at a new subway , so I tried to acknowledge some authority and explain that there might have been some confusion, at that point my hesitation had made it difficult for me to do my job and stubbornness got the best of what could have been resolved as a new starting point to give understanding.... my coworkers were very kind and I guess it became difficult for me to put forth more leadership with my individual efforts, and I felt without the support of the staff , taking initiative became my responsibility and gave me an opportunity to play a role with the trust they had created as a team , I made mistakes hear and there but trying to be supportive and avoid confusion with guest helped remind me of the key points that would lead to developing better work ethic and a posititive experience at my local subway...and a better relationship with my manager after emphasizing reflective communication with my coworkers... I was able to acnowlage where there was trust that could be developed and success to look forward to in the future!




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