Jose A. Perez
over 6 months ago

Roof estimator Commercial/Residential

I am looking for an estimating position in a reputable and solid roofing company where I could grow as a professional and also help in making the company grow. I have strong work ethics and principles. Very discipline and consistent in my work and personal life. I ran my own roofing company from 1992 to 2014 in South Florida.I was forced to close and liquidate all asset of the company in 2014 for personal reasons. I have over 26 years of experience and know very well the residential and commercial sector of the industry.I have experience in all phases of a roofing company like production,logistics,administration and estimating/sales which is what I like the most. I posses strong sales abilities and good verbal and writing skills. Also,I have a bachelor's degree in Business Administration and Marketing along with the state roofing license from Florida since 1986.I am fully Bilingual in Spanish and English. My experience and knowledge in roofing is all based in Miami-Dade county codes and high velocity wind zone areas. I am able to relocate anywhere of US if it's worth the challenge but If I have a choice,I would prefer to be in Florida since my family is here.

Alyssa Heiner

Hi Jose, Welcome to Jobcase! I did a quick search and found these estimator jobs in your area. Take a look and you can apply for any you like.

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