Laura Chitester

Like most of you I am job hunting. I went on social security disability in 2003, had multiple surgeries which caused more pain and problems but finally had reconstructive surgery in 2016. It has lessened my pain so I feel like I can work a little to supplement my income. I’m blessed to have a wonderful husband who has been responsible for most of the bills but now I want to help ease his stress. Here’s my dilemma. Because of the income restrictions ss has( and I’m not saying they shouldn’t) I can only make a small amount of money. I have a job currently working from home but I get yelled all day by clients. I have an extensive background in customer service and HR so that’s my wheelhouse. My problem is do I look for just a job or do I get in PT in a position that leads to advancement down the line if in fact I can physically come off ss and work full-time? I am also deciding about WAH and brick and mortar. I can’t lose my benefits until I’m sure I can in fact work but having a good income would make my husband’s life easier. I’ll take advice from anyone that wants to reply but please do not accuse me of milking the system. I don’t have to work, I want to work. BTW. I am 52 and aware that my age and gaps in employment since I got hurt will be red flags. Thanks for reading.

over 4 years ago
Kimberly Reed

I recommend working part time with later advancement, until are physically ready. Look into Sykes, upwork or for work from home positions. You also do some temp positions in the meantime.