Lacia Molaoli
over 6 months ago

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My name is Lacia I'm an RSA Citizen I love travelling and wanna explore the world. I'm currently working as an Administrator in the RSA Parliament a Public Administration part time student a Business Administration graduate spcializing in Human Resource. I've recently grown so much love for cruise shipboard career so guys please do share the inform I'm willing to relocate I just wanna travel the world ☺

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Alyssa Heiner

Hi Lacia, Welcome to Jobcase! Unfortunately at this time Jobcase only provides job searches within the USA, and does not provide visa sponsorship. We would love to continue seeing in the community with any questions you might have or assistance you can offer to other Jobcasers!

If you would like to find work on a cruise line, I would actually suggest doing a google search for cruise lines based around your area. I think I was able to find quite a few! Good luck!

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