Something I wrote on LinkedIn. Some folks on FB might find it useful. Happy new Years!

As we come to end of yet another year, I have heard from many of you on LinkedIn. Thank you!

I am surprised at how many folks I have spoken with that are unhappy in their current roles and looking to move.

As we go into a New Year, I would like to offer some valuable lessons, that I have learned over my career. I am extremely fortunate and blessed to have amazing leaders and mentors through out my career.

FYI, I have been there. Multiple times.

1- You’re more valuable than you know! Get the silly voices out of your head. Focus on your strengths. We ALL have weaknesses, recognize them, but don’t dwell on them. Your strength is what you bring to the table. Use it shamelessly.

2- Have your personal values clearly defined. Make sure the company values are aligned with yours. If you’re willing to sacrifice one of your core values, then the others hold no weight.

3- stop chasing a paycheck. If you’re stuck in a “paycheck 2 paycheck” lifestyle, correct it. It might take a while but get your emergency (I won’t be held hostage) funds together. Discipline.

4- The restaurant business(as are many jobs) a tough business. It takes many of us away from Loved ones. Make time for the people you love. Find time away from work.

Happy New Years! #business #mentoring #go #lesson

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