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Turning down a job offer tactully?

I interviewed for a digital printing company over the phone and then was caleed in for an interview the same week. All went well, but when I got there, I found it to be about an hour away, one way, and without traffic, with traffic, it will easily become an hour and half drive! Then I find that they only have first and second shift, with first being 6am-2pm and second from 2-11. I am clear on my resume that 3rd is my preference,not just that, but during their busy times, they work 4am-4pm or 6pm-2am for second. I have kids and I am divorced with no help from my ex,but at the same time, I need a job. I metwith the plant manager that day and he informed me that everyone usually work 70+ hours a week when they are busy.

Now I don`t mind hard work, but again, I have a life and kids home, plus an over an hour commute from home. I plan to move closer whenever I can find a rental that i affordable, but in the mean time, I will be commuting, and even then I will still have a 30 minute drive, one way.

My question is this, the hr lady wanted me to come back this afternoon to meet with the company`s regional manager. It sounds good and like they are really considering me, and I told them I would come. I agreed because I was getting no other call backs. Now another company has called and they have night shift and I get a better feel off this job. The hr lady for the other company seems sweet and like a nice person, but this new company offers better hours. They are in the same area, unfortunately.

But my question is this, how do I handle interviewing with the first job with the undesirable hours, should they offer me a job today? My interview for the other company is tomorrow. I REALLY want the job from the company im interviewing with tomorrow, but right now I haven`t received an offer from either.

Both sound promising, but should the today interview land me a job offer, how can I handle it while stalling and waiting to see what the other says tomorrow?


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Well, if you get an offer from the first place, just ask if you can have a couple days to think about it. Then go to the second interview and see how it goes. Good luck