I need assistance!!!

I'm a Ghanaian from Ghana West Africa and completing high school I had the opportunity to work with an engineering firm for a Telecom company called Vodafone... I was an indoor technician for their then Microwave 3G project in 2012 but I had no certification because I learnt by sight from ma brother. It's not been so long I came to America and I should say I like it here and currently working with the Home Depot but I would love to find myself in that field here as well... I haven't been able to get any certification here as well cos I don't have the means to pursue a course right now from living pay cheque to pay cheque ... But now I seek anyone who can link me up with Verizon or Spectrum .. I don't mind working for free to get an on the job training and if I get the privilege to get employed, I can school whiles working... Please anyone with assistance should contact me in my mail jupita5591@gmailcom
Thank you

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