I applied at target several times, would love to work there. how can I get a retail job without retail experience ??

almost 5 years ago
Robin Taylor

In retail, timing has a lot to do with it - if you apply in the few weeks before Thanksgiving, that's usually when they're hiring for the holiday help. If you're in a densely populated area, this is probably not an ideal time to apply since you're competing with so many other applicants. However, once you're in, work hard, maintain a positive attitude, and deliver excellent customer service every time. This will help you stand out from those who are there for "Christmas money". Make your intentions known up front - tell them you're looking for permanent placement, not just seasonal. And, remember, there will always be "those" customers - the ones who can really push your buttons and anger/upset you. Make sure you have a game plan for dealing with them politely and when to refer them to your manager.

But this advice seems a day late and a dollar short so soon after the holidays! You may want to try a little volunteer work - find an animal shelter or food bank where you can showcase your skills, then ask your supervisor and other volunteers for a letter of reference. But don't just drop them - continued volunteer work is GREAT for a resume!

Finally, learn how to rock an interview! There are plenty of resources available on this site, YouTube, etc. It sounds weird, but role-play through an interview with a friend or relative - it really helps!

Good luck!!