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Lisa Roberts
about 5 years ago

I need some help setting and sticking to priorities

I’ve notice how successful people can simultaneously juggle multiple issues, projects, and responsibilities without getting overwhelmed or missing a beat. I tend to fly by the seat of my pants. I’ve tried list (mental and written) in the past but that doesn’t work. Anybody have suggestions/tips?

John Thomas

Lisa, did you see this conversation on Vision Boards - .... This might be good strategy, take a look.

Crystal Alexander

Having trouble posting today. Ok first be honest with your self and forgive or accept your self. If you have issue multi tasking it will do you no good dwelling on that fact. However what you do have, rather you consciously realize it or not, is a favorite or best way for you to learn practice. For example, some people like list. If that is your thing then make a list. However try to "kill two birds with one stone" the genius in multi tasking is to get more task done effectively at once. So if you have to fax a letter to whom ever and another for a personal matters then do all your faxing at one time. If one have a dead line then put them all on that same deadline. However if that is not possible then you may have to lump that feather with things I have to prep for...... Or however.

Honestly, in order for me to help you organize your day, I would need to know what your day consist of, and how much time you have or is giving yourself to get it done. The truth to multitasking is sometimes we try to multitask to much and nothing gets done. So you also have to be realistic and that is what we would look at as well.

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