Yeah well I have always been the one fired or laid off and they just say it's do to finances and income during a time of year. Well it happened 4 time's in 6 months. What is a good time of year when you want to live in summit county Colorado or summit county Utah. It is hard enough switching to the city cause I hate it. I am 26 year's old and I have never had a change of pace in the restaurant field. I don't have the money to make it in the city and the city even when it's not your choice to be homeless treats you like garbage. I am white and no it doesn't matter to me that I am. Some people believe that white people have more to get out of life. Well that's so not true. I have not ever been chosen over anyone. When is my time to get work cause I work hard. No I don't go party with coworkers. I am only paid for work. If it is about being a party freak then wtf are we working to satisfy the customers. I don't have the time to just get drunk and get twisted. I have to save money so I can pay for rent cause I am not saving up for a place cause I will never be able to buy a house with what I have had. I don't have the time to donate my time to charity cause I need a place where my stuff will not be stolen by roommate's

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