Michael Brown
over 2 years ago

Dumb down your resume?

I have been searching for a job in private security or law enforcement for more than a year now. I a Marine Corps veteran where I served as a Marine Security Guard at 3 U.S. emabassies, former municipal police officer, former federal law enforcement officer, former high risk security contractor with more than 6 years spent in Afghanistan, more than 7 years of instructing law enforcement officers in the U.S. and overseas and 2 classes away for my bachelor's degree in Homeland Security and yet I still cannot find a job without being told I'm over qualified or I need either an associate's or bachelor's degree. I have 115 credits of 121 needed to graduate, but have been knocked out of consideration because I didn't hold the paper of either although I have more credits than what is required for an associate's degree. Here recently I am now being told that my resume is intimidating! Intimidating? What does that mean? Why call me in for an interview to tell me something so lame, weak, and with very little meaning? Are we now supposed to dumb down our resumes to make the hiring manager feel more confident about their own experiences? I had a general Manger tell me that I was just as qualified to have his job and that he would have a hard time hiring me because he couldn't pay me what I bring to the table. Then why have me come in for an interview? It is so confusing and frustrating finding a career today. Hopefully this spring (with degree in hand) I will land something in line with my background and experience....but who knows? #overqualified #agediscrimination

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thx1138 Brown

Disney is hiring right now. It’s unarmed security but it pays good.

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